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“Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.” ― Lemony Snicket, The Blank Book

Mornings are terrible time to waste, because it sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Here are great ways to start your day.

  • Wake up early and watch the sun rise 
    Nothing is better than waking up without hitting the snooze. Sweater weather and a warm blanket makes it a little hard for us to wake up before the sun rise. But when you give yourself a reason to be excited about, like witnessing a beautiful sunrise. It will be easier to motivate ourselves to wake up inspired.
  • A good stretch
    If you are at rest or in the position for a long time, our muscles become stiff. Every time we wake up, the first thing that our body craves for is a good stretch. Aside from the muscles of our body, why not give our facial muscles a stretch by smiling. It’s easy and simple but smiling do no simple thing in our mind. Smiling is also a good way to release endorphins that you need to be positive as you start your day.
  • Appreciate the sound of nature
    The moment you wake up do not turn on any music just yet. Embrace the opportunity to listen to the silence of the people around you. Wee hours are the quietest time of the day. Take a minute smelling the fresh air and listen to the birds singing.
  • Make your bed
    Making our bed in the morning gives our sense of accomplishment a boost. It’s a good start to be productive to tackle down another task and another. And also a clean space can improve our focus and helps us think more clearly early in the morning.
  • Hydrate
    In order for our body and mind to function well. We need to maintain the water level in our body which is about 70% of our system. Hydration is one of the important and easiest way to be fit & healthy. There are a lot of wonders that water can do for us. Such of these are weight loss, supple & moisturized skin, mood management, and can prevent us from craving too much food.
  • Meditate
    Mornings are perfect time for meditation. It can help us improve our concentration, lessen anxiety and sharpens our mind all throughout a stressful day.
  • Favorite drink Coffee
    A hot drink in the morning can help after-sleep grogginess a cure. If you are new being an early riser, treat yourself with your favorite drink whether it’s a chocolate drink, cocoa, coffee or even a smoothie, your choice. No one is stopping to make your morning as excited as possible.
  • Gratitude
    Start your day with a thankful heart. A daily list of gratitude every morning helps us acknowledge and appreciate simple things around us. If you see yourself complaining often, well, it’s time for you to get a pen and journal, list all the things that you are grateful about. Positive attitude is a habit.
  • Read inspirational books
    In the morning our brain is on its best state to fill in new information. Self-help books or inspirational books will get us going to start a fresh day motivated.
  • Run while listening to music
    Some people get really pump up during workout whenever they listen to music. Study showed that music cannot just help us pumped up during workout but can also cure post-workout muscle pain.
  • Eat your perfect kind of breakfast
    When we wake up early, usually our body gets tired easily. Make sure that you prepare and eat proper breakfast before going with the day or else you might fall back asleep again without giving your body the nutrient it needs. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day not just because it breaks the fasting period prior to night but also giving our body the proper fuel to kick off the day.

There are a lot more ways to make every morning more motivating. You just need to decide your priorities now and be a responsible evening person for a healthier morning.

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Yenyen is a multipod who is passionate about creative pursuit and wired to honor God through creative lifestyle. She 'sketch' and 'type' a lot for her blog. Every night she never go to sleep without putting "Oleia" on her hands.