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One of the most common ailments that is not well understood for most of us is arthritis. We commonly just attribute this sickness to the old, and just write it off as part of the aging process. However, arthritis is more than just a sickness for the old, and it can be treated. Let’s find out today more about this disease and how we can overcome it:

Definition of Arthritis

The most common definition of arthritis is the inflammation of the joints. There are several types of arthritis that can either affect one joint or multiple of them. It is commonly seen in adults but everyone including children, teens and young adults can experience arthritis.

Causes of Arthritis

Arthritis are caused by several different factors. Some of them include the following:


1. Inherited

One common type of arthritis known as osteoarthritis is commonly passed on from generation to generation.

2. Immune system failure

Psoriatic arthritis is a common manifestation of this type as the immune system attacks the healthy cells and tissues inside the body

3. Unhealthy lifestyle

Obesity is one of the trigger factors of arthritis as it puts pressure on joints.

Common Types of Arthritis

1. Degenerative or Osteoarthritis

This type of arthritis are commonly seen in older adults as this type is where the tissues and cartilages between bones are broken down which leads to pain.

2. Inflammatory Arthritis

Psoriatic and Rheumatoid arthritis are the common types of this kind of arthritis. This is where the immune system mistakenly attacks the joints which causes it to erode and may affect different areas of the body.

3. Metabolic Arthritis

Gout or the high amount of uric acid in the body can cause build up in the joint and it acts as spikes there causing extreme joint pain.

4 Natural way to treat Arthritis

While pain relievers are the most common kind of treatment that is available, they often cause unwanted side effects. Oleia promotes natural ways of relieving pain, fast. Here are some natural tips to avoid the pain caused by Arthritis:

1. Lose weight

To alleviate pain experienced from joints, losing weight is important. Extra weight can put more pressure to joints and getting healthier diet can also help especially if you are experiencing metabolic arthritis.

4. Massages

Regular massages according to the Arthritis foundation can help reduce pain. You must just first learn to do self-massage with a therapist so that you can effectively reduce pain.

Joint pain can easily be fixed by applying a generous amount of Oleia Topical in the affected area.

OLEIA Topical Oil helps relieve joint pain in as fast as 15 minutes. It contains olive oil and cetylated fatty acids that is absorbed faster by the body. It is also safe and does not contain any irritants.

Don’t let arthritis stop you from making memories. Use our tips above and experience a balanced life, even with arthritis.


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