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What’s not to like about fast food?

There are a lot of reasons why fast foods are popular not only in the Philippines, but to the entire world. Asides from its convenience, as you get food fast (as the word fast food implies), it’s also relatively cheaper than dine in restaurants and sometimes even tastier (McDonald’s fries, anyone).

Fast food facts:

  • Fast food burgers are immortal – There are several videos and articles wherein McDonald’s burger are stored away and they don’t look like they’ve rotten. 
  • McDonald’s nuggets have their names – Bone, Bell, Boot, Ball. These are the names of the chicken nuggets in McDonalds. 
  • Japanese loves their chicken – KFC’s marketing decades ago was so finger lickin’ good that it became a famous Christmas dinner in China. Some even order 2 months in advance. 
  • KFC’s recipe is top secret – The original recipe that contains several herbs and spices are so secret that there are 2 companies that handles the chicken, each one only doing the half to avoid knowing the secret and the entire list is locked inside the KFC vault. 
  • Jollibee was renamed 3 times – The reason why people confuse the spelling of this iconic fast food is because it has been changed 3 times in total. Jolibe, Jolibee, and Jollibee. 
  • The Bee in Jollibee is not just your ordinary mascot – The founder of Jollibee used bees because of its hardworking nature which is the typical value of a working Pinoy. It also represents us in a way that we are happy even if we are busy.

However, not all that glitters are gold, and not all that is tasty is healthy. But before we dive in too many clichés and rhymes, here are the dangers of eating too much fast food:

  • When you eat fast food, you just eat to become full, but you’re not eating to be healthy – Fast foods generally use sodium, unhealthy amounts of sugar and different types of fat. These are unhealthy and the choices in fast foods does not really include a meal that contains helpful nutrients.
  • Fast food is fat food – Trans-fat is a deadly fat. It is the very definition of unhealthy. Consuming foods that contains it increases the bad cholesterol in the body and it elevates greatly the chances of heart attack and diabetes
  • Eating high sodium foods makes you overeat – Research has found out that food that is high in salt, like French fries does not really make you thirsty, but hungry.
  • Eating fast foods can be a trigger for respiratory problems – When you eat fast foods, and lots of it you can easily become obese. Obesity is what makes our lungs fail because of the added pressure in our bodies which leads to shortness of breath and asthma.
  • Eating fast food can impact fertility – There is a certain chemical in both junk food and fast food called Phthalates. This chemical affects hormones and can affect fertility and may even cause birth defects.

There is a high cost in being cheap. While some of us think of fast foods as a practical approach to eat and spend less, the high cost of living unhealthy is not something to make fun of. We are going to eventually become what we eat. And making a habit of eating unhealthy food is a recipe for disaster.

Living healthy is one of the main advocacies of Oleia. We strive to help you live a life that is natural and healthy because we believe that life is meant to be lived well with the people we care about the most. If you want to know more about Oleia and how it can be a gift to your family, subscribe to our email list and learn more!


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Charlotte has tried every buffet restaurant in the Metro and is on the quest to try the ones in the provinces soon. She's an active blogger and you can find her in her think tank in Marco Polo on weekdays. She used to think Oleia Topical Oil can help her loose weight since it's good for inflammation only to realize it's better for after work massages.