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Oleia Softgels contain olive oil, moringa oil, cetyl myristoleate and other cetylated fatty acids.

Cetyl myristoleate¬†has the same characteristics as Omega-3. These fatty acids are referred to as “essential fatty acids” because the human body cannot make them and we must ingest them in our diets. They are essential to normal cell structure and body function and function as components of nerve cells, cell membranes, and hormone-like substances known as prostaglandins.

According to medical doctors who have used OLEIA Softgels for their patients, 120 OLEIA Softgels taken in one month period is roughly equivalent to 500 capsules of Fish Oil supplement taken in extended period. This makes OLEIA Softgel 4x times more powerful than Omega-3 supplement. Both are essential fatty acids, but the effect of OLEIA is faster and longer-lasting.


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