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Studies about cetyl myristoleate and cetylated fatty acids are found here.

In one study conducted in Neuronet Institute, Germany (June 2004), patients with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis experienced a 73% reduction in pain level after taking cetyl myristoleate. In the same study, patients with fibromyalgia experienced a 86% pain level reduction while those with tendonitis and muscle pain registered a 85% reduction in pain level. The same study reported a “significant improvement in the flaking, itching, and overall appearance of psoriatic plaques on the skin’s surface” of a patient with psoriasis after administering myristoleic acid preparations. A patient with migraine reported frequency of migraine headaches and the intensity of the headache pain were at a 7 level before taking a therapeutic dose of myristoleic acid. Frequency and intensity of headache pain levels dropped to a level of 1, or 85% pain level reduction after administering myristoleic acid preparation.


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