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  • 1. Is Oleia Softgel a painkiller?

    No, Oleia Softgel is not a painkiller. It is a dietary supplement that helps reduce or remove inflammation, which is the root of all pain.

    "The origin of all pain is inflammation and the inflammatory response." (S. Omoigui, Division of Inflammation and Pain Research, L.A. Pain Clinic, Los Angeles, California, USA)

    "Irrespective of the type of pain whether it is acute or chronic pain, peripheral or central pain, the underlying origin is inflammation and the inflammatory response.

    Regardless of the characteristic of the pain, whether it is sharp, dull, aching, burning, stabbing, numbing or tingling, all pain arises from inflammation and the inflammatory response."


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  • 2. What is Oleia Topical Oil?

    Oleia Topical Oil is the topical variant of Oleia Softgel. Applied topically on the inflamed or swollen body part, Oleia Oil helps remove symptoms of pain and inflammation. Oleia Oil's natural components allow easier skin penetration bringing anti-inflammatory fatty acids at the cellular level. Because it is applied topically right on the site of inflammation such as in swollen muscles or aching joints, Oleia Topical Oil helps relieve muscle pain, back pain, joint pain and other body pains fast. When inflammation is addressed, pain generally goes away.


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  • 3. How can Oleia Topical Oil help tendonitis, arthritis, dermatitis?

    Arthritis, tendonitis and dermatitis are all inflammatory conditions. "Itis" is a Greek word which means "inflammation". Arthritis means inflammation of the joints; tendonitis means inflammation of the tendons; dermatitis is inflammation of the skin.

    Oleia Topical Oil contains natural anti-inflammatory Omega-3, Omega-5 and Omega-9 fatty acids which are readily absorbed by the skin, providing anti-inflammatory nutrients to swollen part of the body.


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  • 4. Can Oleia Softgel treat or cure chronic inflammatory diseases?

    No, Oleia Softgel is not a treatment for chronic inflammatory disease. It is a dietary supplement which is recommended to prevent the progression of chronic diseases. Oleia Softgel supplement contains natural anti-inflammatory Omega 3, Omega-5 and Omega-9 fatty acids which are bioavailable or readily absorbed by the body. Oleia Softgel provides anti-inflammatory action to inflamed organs in the body, thereby effecting natural healing and regeneration of injured cells and tissues.


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  • 5. Who should take Oleia Softgel supplementation?

    If your diet is highly pro-inflammatory, i.e., if you are taking MORE of the processed and junk foods and LESS of the raw vegetables and fish, it is imperative that you supplement your diet with Oleia Softgels to provide your body with the necessary raw materials to prevent hypertension, combat inflammation and avoid auto-immune diseases.


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  • 6. What are the ingredients of Oleia Softgel?

    Oleia Softgels contain olive oil, moringa oil, cetyl myristoleate and other cetylated fatty acids.

    Cetyl myristoleate has the same characteristics as Omega-3. These fatty acids are referred to as "essential fatty acids" because the human body cannot make them and we must ingest them in our diets. They are essential to normal cell structure and body function and function as components of nerve cells, cell membranes, and hormone-like substances known as prostaglandins.

    According to medical doctors who have used OLEIA Softgels for their patients, 120 OLEIA Softgels taken in one month period is roughly equivalent to 500 capsules of Fish Oil supplement taken in extended period. This makes OLEIA Softgel 4x times more powerful than Omega-3 supplement. Both are essential fatty acids, but the effect of OLEIA is faster and longer-lasting.


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  • 7. Are there clinical studies about Cetyl myristoleate?

    Studies about cetyl myristoleate and cetylated fatty acids are found here.

    In one study conducted in Neuronet Institute, Germany (June 2004), patients with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis experienced a 73% reduction in pain level after taking cetyl myristoleate. In the same study, patients with fibromyalgia experienced a 86% pain level reduction while those with tendonitis and muscle pain registered a 85% reduction in pain level. The same study reported a “significant improvement in the flaking, itching, and overall appearance of psoriatic plaques on the skin's surface” of a patient with psoriasis after administering myristoleic acid preparations. A patient with migraine reported frequency of migraine headaches and the intensity of the headache pain were at a 7 level before taking a therapeutic dose of myristoleic acid. Frequency and intensity of headache pain levels dropped to a level of 1, or 85% pain level reduction after administering myristoleic acid preparation.


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  • 8. Is Oleia Topical Oil safe for the skin?

    A clinical study conducted by Dermatologists showed that Oleia Topical Oil is dermal-safe, does not have irritant potential and is well tolerated in local skin treatment comparable to normal saline solution.


    Conducted by: Catherine M. Legaspi, MD, FPDS; Concepcion Esto, MD, DPDS; Madelaine M. Palmea, MD, DPCP

    Oleia Oil was compared with 0.09 NaCl solution on  dermal safety, as regards photoallergenicity and development of adverse reactions during usage. The 84 panelists showed no significant effect on dermal irritant scoring (p<0.001, Fischer exact test).


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  • 9. What are the ingredients of Oleia Topical Oil?

    Like Oleia Softgels, Oleia Topical Oil also contains olive oil, moringa oil, cetyl myristoleate and other cetylated fatty acids.

    Oleia Topical Oil does not contain camphor, methyl salicylate and mineral oil which when absorbed by the skin, can cause liver and kidney damage.


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