We can never undermine the value of our families in our lives. They inspire us day in and day out.
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What’s Good and What’s Not in Breastfeeding

Do you want to know the secret to happy latching and successful breastfeeding? I will share to you today the things that will surely help every mom's breastfeeding journey: What is helpful Confidence or assuring yourself that you are capable of breastfeeding Build...

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How To Relax Your Minions

Your Minions I've attended an event with my 2yr old and 4yr old and had a chance to meet again my childhood or I may consider babyhood friend (because we've known each other literally since we were babies!). It's been more than 10years since we last saw each other and...

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Oleia: An Unusual Expression Of Love

"They say if we fall in love we became crazy about it." There are times that when we meet the person we fall in love with, we'll feel butterflies inside our tummies. We even have those moments wherein we lose focus simply because we are too captivated by that...

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10 Things I Hate About My Dad

"We live to our dad's standards because we all want to make them proud. "There came a time in our lives where we wished we had a different Dad. If choosing a Father was just like picking up a new pet at a  shop, wouldn't that be more exciting? Sometimes we want things...

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My Dad Is A Liar

My dad has the brightest smile. He always gives what I want. He always makes sure that I eat first than him. He never gets tired. He is strong. He doesn’t cry. He is my superhero. He is my FIRST LOVE. But he is this world’s GREATEST LIAR.             He is a liar –...

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