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Health is often disregarded in the society we live in. We almost think that health can be put off while we work on the
important stuff. But the reality is health is wealth. Remaining healthy is a key to achieve everything we want to have in
life and in order to become healthy, we must be intentional.

Making the choice to be healthy may seem hard and that’s why we collated some of the best health hacks that you can
start doing today to become healthier:

  1. Make an effort to have a time without tech – One of the biggest problem in our society that rivals cancer, heart
    attack and even other major disease is our tech dependence. It is almost the same kind of addiction with
    substances such as alcohol or nicotine. While it may not seem dangerous at all, too much dependence on tech
    can cause depression, lack of sleep and stress. Enforce a time in a day where you don’t engage in tech but on
    something else like reading a book, conversing with family or anything that can take your mind away from your

2. Start your morning with lemon water – Drinking lemon water can help you flush toxins and helps your digestive
system to be on track throughout the day.

3. Don’t skip breakfast – Skipping breakfast is a special skill almost all of us do. Some of us may think that it’s okay
since you can just make up for it at lunch, however skipping breakfast is not good for your overall health.
Delaying or neglecting breakfast will only whet your appetite to a high calorie lunch which destroys your goal to
become healthier. It also affects your concentration and overall focus at work.

4. Sleep earlier – A lot of things can happen to us when we don’t have enough sleep. Some of them includes lack of
concentration, gaining weight and becoming weaker. That is why in order to live healthier, you must dedicate
yourself to getting at least 7- 8 hours of sleep daily. It’s the best investment you can make.

5. Stretch – Working at an office can give your body the stiffness it doesn’t need. Since our body is wired to move
every now and then, practice getting up every 20 minutes and stretch in position. This will not only help your
blood flow and avoid joint pains, but it also relaxes your eyes if you look at a computer the whole day.

6. Drink more water – Drinking water can be better than caffeine. Not only does water can help you stay awake, but
it also helps your body detoxify throughout the day. 8 glasses should be the minimum, and the more water you
drink, the better.

7. Take the stairs – Can’t go to the gym? No time for physical activity after work? Replace it by using the stairs
every chance that you can. It’s simple, doable, realistic and more importantly, effective.

Being healthy is a choice. And it’s start with the small ones. Commit yourself into doing these health hacks and see
yourself become healthier as day goes by.

Paolo is your regular 8 to 5pm work guy who loves to travel and plays sports once in a while to keep up with his work-life balance. He always bring with him his Oleia Topical oil wherever, whenever.