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The key to good health is achieved using this formula:


There’s a reason why diet is the first in this equation. The truth of the matter is that to achieve a fit and healthy body, you must focus on achieving the 70/30 ratio, 70% diet and 30% exercise.

The only problem with this is that we as Filipinos love to eat. Diet is like torture to us, and we will do everything so that we can enjoy food.

Here’s the good news! You can still be healthy even if you enjoy eating. We’ve listed some of the foods that you can eat as they are known to help you not only to become healthy, but these are foods that you will really enjoy!

Guyabano (Soursop)

This super fruit is known not only because of its sweetness, but also because of its health benefits. Guyabano has been proven to prevent the following diseases:

⦁ Leg Cramps


⦁ Anemia

⦁ Migraine

⦁ Constipation

Malunggay (Moringa)

Malunggay is known as the miracle tree by many. That is because this vegetable not only is delicious but it is highly nutritious and is known as a herbal medicine that is used to cure various illness such as arthritis, hypertension, cancer, joint pains and many more. It is high on essential vitamins and it is known to be anti-inflammatory (Did you know? One of Oleia Topical Oil’s main ingredient is Moringa, which explains why it’s able to relieve pain fast.)


Oats are a great alternative to rice. It contains fiber, which helps fight and lower cholesterol levels and is known to prevent heart disease. It also lowers the risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes in most patients.


Broccoli is not a curse, it’s a vegetable. This superfood is known to fight off cancer as it has phytonutrients. Just one cup of this every day can boost your vitamin C levels and help you stay healthy.


Green Tea

According to studies, green teas can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure because of the substance called catechins. Catechins are natural antioxidants that helps protect our bodies from free radicals which are the toxic byproducts in the body that can cause cell damage.


These superfoods will only be as effective as you maintain balance of eating the right stuff and doing the right stuff. Make sure to include them in your diet today and reap the benefits of a healthy body!


About The Author

Charlotte has tried every buffet restaurant in the Metro and is on the quest to try the ones in the provinces soon. She's an active blogger and you can find her in her think tank in Marco Polo on weekdays. She used to think Oleia Topical Oil can help her loose weight since it's good for inflammation only to realize it's better for after work massages.