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As with many other leisures in life, moderation is the word we often use to justify our habits, hobbies and sometimes habitual drinking. We say that we only drink on special occasions, and those occasions seem to pile up until we lose count. But is drinking alcohol good for you? Or better yet, is drinking in moderation beneficial or even healthy? Let’s find out.

Here is a straight to the point, blow by blow, and no holds bar thoughts that you may want to consider the next time you get a bottle, a cup, or a barrel of your favorite alcoholic drink:

Harsh truths about alcohol consumption:

Health Experts Do Not Recommend Alcohol As A Part of A Healthy Diet

Wow! That is mind blowing! If drinking in moderation is so good for our body, then why is it that it is never a part of a meal program? Asides from stating the obvious, moderate to heavy drinking of alcohol leads to many diseases such as the ones stated below:

  • Brain – Moderate drinking may cause sleep disruption, poor coordination and most of the time altered judgement. That’s why a lot of tipsy people sees themselves as giants whenever they take a bottle or two
  • Liver – Alcohol consumption may affect your liver by making it fatty and may also lead to hepatitis.
  • Metabolism – Moderate to heavy drinking does make you gain weight and may change the way your body metabolize
Alcohol Is a Kind of Poison

Yikes! Our bodies convert this poison into less harmful substances. And the truth of the matter is that alcohol changes in our body in order for us to tolerate it and our body’s ability to tolerate alcohol differ through many factors such as our body size, genetics, age and the list goes on.

No one really knows the “moderate” in moderation.

Different bodies, different tolerance and most research done in this aspect are not really conclusive. Also, the assumed health benefits of alcohol are correlated only, that means that those who have been found as moderate drinkers with better health may have other activities that keeps their body healthy and no one can conclude that it is alcohol that causes their healthy bodies.

Don’t rain on my parade!

But it’s fun to drink! It’s a way for us friends to hang together and this is what keeps us close. Even Jesus drank wine!

A lot of reasons to enjoy, right?

While there may be good benefits that we can get from drinking, and while some of us may risk a little bit of health to a little bit of life, here is some advice that you may take.

Never drink alcohol if:

You’re just trying to find a way out of your problem

Alcohol is not the answer and it will never be. Finding yourself drunk to escape problems may first help you forget, but it will not make anything better in the long run.

You’re just pressured to drink by your friends, coworkers, boss, or relatives

It is your life, your body, and ultimately your health that is on the line whenever you take a bottle of wine or beer. Never put yourself under the pressure of doing something you don’t really like just to be accepted.

You think it’s good for you

A lot of people are proven to live better lives without having a drink. There are a lot of alternatives asides from drinking alcohol to make your body healthier.

Life is a series of trades. You win some and you lose some. Be wise in investing decisions that will affect you in the long run.



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