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Detox For Losing Weight

Losing weight is something many people want to do, but not many know how to do it. The basic recommendation is to eat better and workout more, but this often makes it even more complicated. What workouts do you do? How much should you workout? What diet do you go on? There are so many questions. To simplify it, start with a simple detox diet that gets you ready for a healthy diet.

Eliminate Processed Foods

An easy way to start with detoxing for weight loss purposes is to start cutting out processed foods. These often contain a lot of additives, sugar, and preservatives that is damaging to your body and organs. Many detox diets will have a strict rule about all clean foods, which means nothing processed. If you are confused about foods that are processed, consider what they go through before reaching the grocery store. If they are packaged or in a can, they are probably processed. Also cut out processed meats and cheese, as opposed to these items found at the deli counter.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Sugar isn’t necessarily bad for you overall, but if you want a fresh restart of your body, cutting it out is a good idea. Having extra sugar in your body can be damaging to various organs, and can also increase your risk for diabetes. You want to try to stick to natural sugars and sweeteners, such as what you find in fruit and raw honey. Avoid sugar in pastries, baked goods, and processed foods. Reduce your desserts and increase your fruit intake, and you will already be well on your way to consuming less sugar.

Cook More Whole Foods

If you are detoxing in order to lose weight, then cooking more at home is crucial. Not only is it good for detoxing purposes since you control all of the ingredients that go in your food, but you are able to control the overall fat, calories, and carbs of each meal. There is no more guessing what your fast food or restaurant meal contains, since you are in complete control of every single ingredient. Start getting into the habit of cooking more, and you might find that you enjoy it.

Reduce the Meat in Your Diet

While there is nothing that says you can’t consume meat if you are detoxing or lose weight, it is good to at least reduce how much of it you have. Red meat is going to have higher amounts of fat and calories, especially saturated fat, so try to reduce it as much as you can.