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People will do anything to stay fit. Even if it doesn’t make sense. While the formula for a healthy body is diet plus exercise, we must understand that it should be like this:


The keyword with this is RIGHT. Since there are different body types, different health conditions, and different lifestyles, we must always know what type of actions we should do in order for us to achieve the health and wellness that we need for our bodies.

The list below includes the things you shouldn’t do EVER. These diets does not really add value to your overall health and may as well endanger you.

The Top 5 List of Diets that Don’t Work

Baby food diet – There are people who advices that baby food is healthier since they are “minimally processed”. Instead of eating 3 regular meals a day, it should be replaced with 16 jars of baby food and one regular meal.

The verdict: No scientific relevance and 99% of the people that lives a healthy lifestyle would suggest this.

Clip your Nose Diet – While this may sound funny, some people believe that this works. By depriving our sense of smell, we may not be too eager to eat all the food on the table.

The verdict: While it may seem plausible, it’s ridiculous and I doubt people can do this with commitment.

The Tapeworm Diet – The name itself already implies this is something dangerous. But in the modelling industry, it is rumored that some models actually do this. There was some news about this years before where a mom actually had her daughter take this before a pageant. Tapeworms are parasites that eats nutrients from the body and should be nowhere near anyone’s body.

The verdict: Never do this.

The Sleeping Beauty Diet – Popularized by the rock icon Elvis Presley, he advises that sleeping several hours a day may help you lose weight. Logically, if you’re asleep then you cannot eat – however, limiting physical movement and nourishment isn’t wise. It’s not being healthy but it’s about getting unhealthy.

The verdict: Sounds good, but will not end well.

The Cotton Ball Diet – This type of diet involves dipping a cotton ball to orange, lemon or any other juice and consuming it. This diet aims to reduce your hunger and make you feel full. This type of diet may cause obstruction in your stomach that needs to be surgically removed.

The verdict: Only those who wants to end up at the hospital should try this.

There are no quick fixes in staying healthy. It takes sacrifice, commitment and the right process. Doing fad diet tricks will not only prevent you from being healthy but it can take your life at risk.



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