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Oleia Oil Clinical Trial On Safety
By Dr. Catherine M. Legaspi, MD, FPDS
Dr. Concepcion Esto, MD, DPDS
Dr. Madelaine M. Palmea, MD, DPCP


Oleia Oil was compared with 0.09 NaCl solution on  dermal safety, as regards photoallergenicity and development of adverse reactions during usage. The 84 panelists showed no significant effect on dermal irritant scoring (p<0.001, Fischer exact test).

The study demonstrated that Oleia, a topical pain relief containing cetylated fatty acids have no skin contact sensitization potentials nor skin photoallergic potentials. The results of the 10-week clinical study did not demonstrate any cumulative irritancy among the 84 volunteers.

Therefore, the utility of Oleia is very promising, as it is mild, well tolerated and safe in the skin. Its dermal effect is comparable to a simple normal saline solution.

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