Sports Drink: to Drink or not to Drink?

Sports Drink: to Drink or not to Drink?

Do you take sports drinks every time you do work outs or play you favorite sports? Those stuff that promises to help build muscle, lose weight and keep you hydrated? Gatorade is one of these well-known sports drink brand.

Surprisingly, a lot of people don’t realize that Gatorade takes its name from the University of Florida Gators, the intercollegiate sports teams that represent the University of Florida located in Gainesville, Florida– not really from what the others thought the brand derived its name from, as they say its secret ingredient: alligator juice. Yay.

And it was initially formulated to save lives when an assistant coach for the football team voiced his concerns over the number of players in the hospital for dehydration and heat exhaustion. Physicians realized it was due to loss of carbohydrates and electrolytes, and developed Gatorade to help the guys replenish. Good thing, too, because it was desperately needed at the time — up to 25 football players in America were dying each year because of heat-induced ailments.

Those are just small details about the popular sports drink brand that now has plenty of competitors in the market. But hey, do you really need any of them to enhance your workout?

Actually if you are exercising for less than an hour, you don’t need a sports drink, you just need water.

Sports drinks are formulated for athletes who work out for more than 60 minutes — or less than that but very intensely. They are not designed for the “recreational athletes” or spectators.

If you’re just doing simple exercises or jogs around the neighborhood while listening to your fave music, water is enough. Water provides no sodium, which helps the body hold onto water and helps fluid get to the right places in the body, like muscles and blood. Although water may not be that tasty just like your favorite sports drink.

The reason why sports drinks have flavors is to help a person who works out harder or longer to keep on drinking more. It’s important for them to get enough fluid during their session. Also, these sports drinks contain calories that can add up when you drink them in a regular basis. If you prefer to drink with a little flavor look for fitness waters that provide the necessary fluid with some tastes and only a few calories.

People who work out longer than an hour or from medium to high intensity might want to consider a sports drink. But remember that ounce per ounce, they contain half of the calories or sugar of a fruit juice or a regular soda and can quickly add calories on your diet that basically causing you to defeat the purpose of hard work that you put in.

In choosing a sports drink, brand should be less important than the label. You may want to get the one with no more than 6%-8% of carbohydrates. Any higher may slow down the rate of which food and fluids leave the stomach that causes nausea, cramping and diarrhea.  Dr. Julie Silver of Harvard Health School advised that unless you are training for a marathon, or exercising in the Florida heat for an extended period of time, it’s better to drink some water instead and save your body from calories.


Paolo is your regular 8 to 5pm work guy who loves to travel and plays sports once in a while to keep up with his work-life balance. He always bring with him his Oleia Topical oil wherever, whenever.

Is it the Genes or the Gym?

Is it the Genes or the Gym?

I have always wondered what it is that makes some of us great in sports while others are great cheerers on the sidelines. I mean, that what happens when I watch my husband play on the court (I’m his number one fan since high school! Whatever team he plays on, I’m FTW–For Their Win!).

It might be because I’m not exceptionally good at sports; on the other hand, he is so hype when playing one. Is it because of gender? Maybe not, because I’ve heard the names like Lydia de Vega and Alyssa Valdes priding our country in the sports they’re in. So, what really makes someone an extraordinary athlete? Is it the long hours of training or the gift of their DNA’s special recipe?

Genetics are at Play.

Genes are just one of those things we can’t do anything about; we can’t control what genes are given to us by our dear parents and there is nothing we can do to change them. They make up almost every aspect of who we are— including our physical attributes (height, body mass, the length of our torso, etc.)  Also, having a parent who is innately sportive will also give you a better advantage.

The combination of genes can create some unusual proportions and can make a body suitable for sports. However, genes can only “potentially” shape us to excel in sports. Genes are given freely but the rest is up to us. If someone with great athletic gene make up lives an unhealthy life and never trains, he may never reach that potential. It means that an individual with athletic genes does not automatically cause them to be a great athlete. The individual is only given the potential to be great; they still need to work hard in order to achieve their potential.

Practice Makes Perfect.

It’s become a catch phrase that to practice is important. Working out on the gym and training hard can help you achieve your potentials. Have you heard of the 10,000 hours of effortful practice?  It is both necessary and sufficient to achieve excellence in almost everything. It originated in 10 violinists who already were highly pre-screened [for their ability], so much of humanity was already screened out since it focused on high performing violinists at a world class academy. Among those performers, they accumulated more than 10,000 hours of practice by age 20, and were better than people who accumulated less practice.

The 10,000 hours of practice might help, but it’s not just practice that makes perfect. It’s the commitment to practice that makes it exceptional. Practice is the number one predictor of how good somebody gets at anything. Committed and intense practice hones natural athletic skills — skills that may be useless at something we haven’t practiced.

My Takeaway

Some people are more genetically inclined to be more athletic. But it doesn’t end there. If you have this “sport gene” as they say and you want to excel on it, you have to hone it. The commitment to train and give time to flourish it makes a difference.


About The Author

Andrea is a full time home maker. When she is not busy taking care of her husband and kids, she goes out giving financial management talks. She is a proud breastfeeding mom for four years running and an avid Oleia Topical Oil user.

Fun Run? Top 3 Scientific Reasons Why You Should start Running

Fun Run? Top 3 Scientific Reasons Why You Should start Running

What’s the deal with fun runs?
As someone who does not really run often, I am often amazed about how people spend a lot of time running. It’s as if running away from bills isn’t enough! (Kidding!) – But on a serious note, running is not only a hobby for some, but it’s a real passion. They train, they have well rounded communities for runners, and most importantly, all of them quite enjoy it.

So, my question is – what’s the big deal with running? Asides from the idea of losing weight, what else can people achieve by running long kilometers? That’s what I tried to find out, and today, I’ll present 3 scientific reasons why running is not only a fun activity, but also beneficial to one own’s health.

But before we dive into that, here are some of the practical reasons why people choose running as their form of exercise:

Running does not require a membership – Unless you are participating in fun runs, you can just step out of your door and start running. It’s the least expensive way to get fit!

Running does not require a schedule – You can run at the start of the day, at the middle (if you dare), or at the end of the day. As long as you are comfortable, and the weather and the place allows it, then you can go ahead and run.

Running is not boring – Even if you do take the same route as you run, you can experience new things by being more observant, or by leveling up your experience with music and bringing friends or pets with you.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to tie your shoe laces on, then here are the 3 scientific reasons why you should start running today

Runners think better – Runners aren’t just all muscles, they can also hold themselves in a serious conversation. As someone would say, “Not only do runners take home the bacon, they can cook it, prepare it and teach you all about it.”

How’s that possible? Scientists found out that when we are active, not only do our physical capabilities get the benefit, but also our mental capacities. Not only does running improve your muscles, but it also improve brain neurons as well.

Runners are happier people – Is runner’s high just a myth? Apparently, it is a fact. Serotonin, which is a chemical that nerve cell produces boost one’s mood. In addition to that, our body also releases endocannabinoids, which sounds similar to cannabis which gives the feeling of the runner’s high and keeps them addicted in a good way in running.  Also, when you get fit from running, your self-esteem is higher and you live happier.

Runners can outrun cancer – While it’s obvious that active people gets sick less often, a study done in 2009 proved that running, or similar activities to it has significantly reduced the rate of cancer growth of over 2500 men. They found out that those who run are the ones most protected in getting any form of cancer.

So, what are you waiting for? Get up and start running to a better version of you!

When runner’s high fades away, you may feel your legs tired and you can even experience ankle sprain. And when that starts, remember to use Oleia Topical Oil. Just apply 3 to 5ml on the affected part and you can quickly feel the soreness and pain go away. It is made up of natural chemicals that not only takes away the pain but helps in regenerating damaged cells.


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Cathy spends part of her days wondering how to combine her 2 loves, writing and photography. The rest of her time she spends taking care of her two babies. Sheena, a Labrador retriever & Amanda, a Siberian husky. She’s been an OLEIA user since May.

Swimming – The Best Exercise for The Entire Body

Swimming – The Best Exercise for The Entire Body

Exercise is one of those things that you know you need, but you don’t really get to do. The reason why can be varied, but most of the time it is because we think that exercise is work, and we sometimes want to take a break from it and relax. However, did you know that exercise is not limited to what you think it is and that there are certain exercises that you can find not only interesting, but a new passion altogether.

One of those exercises is swimming. We sometimes only think about it during summertime and just as a form of a leisure activity. But the truth of the matter is that swimming is one of the best exercises that is available for all of us. Here are some of the benefits of swimming that you may not know about:

6 Benefits of Swimming

1. Swimming improves life

One of the key benefits that you get from swimming is it improves your breathing and improves your overall cardiovascular system. It is also very helpful to those who suffer from diabetes and heart ailments. Some research also suggests that those who swim has a lower risk of death compared to those who do not.

2. Swimming is an exercise for the whole body

The biggest benefit that you can find from swimming is that it is impacts your entire body. It positively affects the following:

⦁ Increases the heart rate

⦁ Builds strength and endurance

⦁ Swimming tones muscles

With each variety of swimming strokes such as breaststroke, butterfly, or even freestyle, your muscles and body can be improved without much effort.

3. Swimming is an exercise that is good for those who have different sickness

Exercise can sometimes be halted due to some sicknesses. For example, those who suffer from arthritis may not be able to do exercises due to joint pain. Sometimes, even walking can be hard for them. But swimming is different – since it is a low impact exercise, those who cannot do heavy exercises are able to live an active lifestyle. Another sickness that greatly benefits from swimming is asthma. Because swimming involves practicing breathing exercises, it expands lung capacity and in turn helps asthma patients control their breathing.

4. Swimming is a good calorie burner

Want to work out without the feeling of sweat? Swimming is the answer to that. Swimming also burns more calories than other regular activities like jogging and running, where swimming burns as twice as much as the other.

5. Swimming helps manage stress and boost moods

Studies show that those who participated in aquatic programs were relieved of some of their stress and boost their moods.

6. Swimming is a great family experience

Swimming is one of those moments that you can get with your kids and just enjoy. Kids and adults benefit and it gives everyone not only the physical benefits but it also helps in building emotional bonds.

Swimming is safe for most people. However, if you plan to do swimming as more than a leisure activity, consider talking to your doctor about what preparations are needed. Some may opt to take swimming lessons to make the most out of this hobby. Take a bottle of Oleia every time you do swimming as first aid kit in case you experience muscle cramps and sprains. It relieves pain in as fast as 15 minutes and it is a great relaxant after swimming.



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Charlotte has tried every buffet restaurant in the Metro and is on the quest to try the ones in the provinces soon. She's an active blogger and you can find her in her think tank in Marco Polo on weekdays. She used to think Oleia Topical Oil can help her loose weight since it's good for inflammation only to realize it's better for after work massages. 

Best Places To Go To This Long Weekend

Best Places To Go To This Long Weekend

The Long Weekend

Corporate slave from Mondays-Fridays and doing nothing on weekends. Well, that’s how I can summarize the past 7 months of my 2017.

Except this month! From Aug. 25- Aug. 28 I will have an extended weekend. In fact this was the case last week as well. This month, I have had the opportunity to bum a little and pretty much explore the word “fun”. An extra day because of a holiday whether regular or non-working can do so much to someone who works as hard as me. (At least that’s what my boss thinks!) This allows me to do more than just hanging out in the mall or playing basketball with my buddies. This gives me the chance to do things I don’t get to do when I only have 2 days to chill. Sometimes, only a day when I have to do chores at home (pity me). So, the question is, what would I recommend to you when we have 3 days to spare for fun?

Below are some of the best getaways outside of Manila you can fit in 3 days. Whether you are an adventure monkey, a sea mermaid, a water junkie or just a plain old cuddly lazy bear, you definitely would want to try some of these. And by the way, I’ve categorized them accordingly. Take note, I only recommended the ones that will be “Paolo” friendly. Which means, budget bestie that will not drain your pocket before the next pay day!

Read on comrades!


Vitamin Sea

If only I can be beach bum every week, I will. But man, the closest sea we have here in the big city’s Manila Bay and I am pretty sure none of you reading this would want to take a dip here on weekends. So we’ll cross that one out. Since the Philippines consists of a thousand islands, it’s pretty easy to suggest the beaches. But then again, who wouldn’t want to have their dose of vitamin sea every once in a while. Even with the rainy season, this getaway never runs out of style. So here are some of them beaches on my list!

Laiya, Batangas

Been here many times already. A three hour drive via car of bus from Manila, this is a good place for those who just want to step out of the busy grinds of the big city and chill with friends or meet new ones.This place has long been a popular destination for families and even company team buildings. The long coastline is perfect for outdoor activities both in and out of the water. The sand though not as white as the ones you got used to is also perfect for afternoon walks and romantic star gazing. Better yet, you have lots of beach resorts and hotels to choose from depending on your budget.

Subic Bay, Zambales

One of my favorite places to go to on weekends is Subic. Mostly because you will never run out of options on things to do. But if water is your thing like mine, well, this place will suffice. Travel time is approximately 4.5 hours from Manila depending on traffic but it will sure be worth it when you get there. Just like Laiya, hotels and resorts are never lacking in Subic. They get fully booked during peak seasons, but hey, if we’re talking about this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday- it’s worth a try!

Anawangin Cove, Zambales

Not that far from Subic Bay is Anawangin Cove who thanks to Mt. Pinatubo’s eruption in 1991, the coastline is covered with white volcanic ash and sheltered by pine trees. Travel time will cost you five hours from Manila and if you’re just as an adventure seeking ninja like me, camping outdoors overnight is an option. But if not, there would be some hotels and resorts nearby to stay after a visit in this majestic place. Great destination to clear your mind and mend a broken heart too!

Puerto Galera

Here’s the thing, beach and night parties are perfect combinations to make a long weekend worthwhile. And one of my recommended places is Puerto Galera. Yep, I know some of you will suggest that it’s not as amazing as it used to before because it is a bit crowded lately, but so is Boracay isn’t it? And if you’re just as into vitamin sea as me, you wouldn’t mind the crowd. Travel time would be four and a half hours. By the way, not far from this place is the unspoiled Aninuan Beach. That’s my personal secret place worth your visit! 🙂

Leave Nothing But Footprints

I am not a professional trekker but I sure enjoy one when I get the chance to. I love nature. A breath of fresh air, the cool breeze, the sound of leaves on trees and birds singing along, all this you get to experience during a mountain hike. Then the sense of fulfillment, the proud glimmer of your eyes when you reach the summit, a selfie up top the mountains to tell your friends in social media, “hey guys! I did it!” All these for a short run of adventure and fun. Not bad things to do when you got three days to spare!

Mt. Maculot, Batangas

One of the popular mountains for beginners is Mt. Maculot. There are 3 destinations. – The Rockies (most popular), The Summit and The Grotto. The famous Rockies provide the best view of the Taal Lake and Volcano whilst the saddle, which serves as the jump point going to the Rockies and the Summit can serve as a place to spend the night for some mountaineers who wish to. Be prepared for the climb to be steep and moderately difficult during the trek. This is 2.5 hours from Manila.

Mt. Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas

Travel from Manila is 2.5 hours. The rolling slopes and the scenic view of Batangas are what you should look forward to during this hike. There are 2 routes to choose from. For beginners, the new trail will bring you to the summit faster, 1.5 hours. While for those experienced hikers and want a more adventurous hike can opt for the old trail which takes 2-2.5 hours to reach the summit. Mountains, trees, greens, what more can you ask for?

Mt. Daraitan, Tanay

Be in one with nature through Mt. Daraitan. This is where you experience other sights in one go. At the summit, you get to see Sierra Madre mountains, check. The long stretch of Daraitan River, check. Other mountains, check. After the summit, there’s the Tinapak River. Be sure not to miss out the natural pools and caves too! You and your friends would definitely have fun in this adventure. Plus, it’s only 2.5 hours away from Manila.

Mt. Balagbag-Maranat Rizal

Travel or hike across these mountains. Take a dip in the Maranat falls and get to experience the beauty of the sunset as you traverse thru Mt. Balagbag late in the afternoon. Not that far from Manila which will set you off 2 hours but then again, when you consider the experience, adventure and fun you can tell your future grandchildren, hey, it’s all worth while!

And There’s More

I get it, some of you may not be as happy go lucky as I am so here are some family friendly destinations to go to as well. After all, it’s not really the place you go to but whom you spend your time with is what gets remembered most. When you have a long weekend to make the most of, why not spend this time with the people you love more than anything else.

San Rafael River Adventure

Ever heard of romance, serenity and adventure all mixed into one? Well, that’s what SRRA is known for. It’s situated in San Rafael, Bulacan not more than 3 hours away from Manila depending on traffic. When was the last time you swam in a river? What more ride a jet ski, a banana boat among other water sports in a river? Yep. you heard me! R-I-V-E-R. Ever heard that river cruise lunch that was so popular in Loboc (Bohol)? You can experience this here too without having to take a plane! Better yet, the glass cottages blends in nicely with the greenery all around thus making your whole stay all that memorable.

Tree Top Adventure

Ok, if you’re not that into beaches in Subic, you can try the Tree Top Adventure for a change. Here you can experience both extreme adventure and extreme relaxation thru their state of the art motorized zip lines. I have fear of heights but I love trees and I love adventure. There are a lot of outdoor adventures you can do here. Again, with NLEX-SCTEX providing you with faster access from Manila to Subic, there’s got to be no excuse for you not to try!

Zoobic Safari

When you got kids and you want to teach them animals and stuff, well this is the place for it. A close encounter with a tiger is what this is popular for. You can go ala National Geographic ninja on this one as you feed the tigers your hands… just kidding, you get provided with meat to feed them. Learn animals and have fun while doing so. You don’t get that chance in Manila anymore. This is another place you can visit in Subic.

Enchanted Kingdom

I bet you would agree, sometimes, we wish we were kids again. But why not? Theme parks are for all ages. Every once in a while, we get this feeling that we’re too old for things but who doesn’t get old? But having fun for a whole day is not that bad. What more if you got kids, nieces and nephews to hang out with! This is less than a couple of hours away from Manila. And yes, before you plan on going there, make sure you do the “sun dance”. You don’t want to experience heavy rain while on board the “space shuttle”!


When you have three days to rest due to a long weekend, more often than not, you don’t want to rest. You feel like you can do a lot of things with the extra day. Well, the above represent my opinions and ideas based on my experiences. Am sure there are a lot of things to do in the next 3 days. Some will probably have better ideas in mind. But then again, like what I said earlier, all you have to do is look for one and make the most out of it. It is a choice you have to make. Whether you go out with family, friends, or just be a lone wolf is up to you.

As my mountaineering friends always tell me…

Take only pictures and leave nothing but footprints!

May the force be with you this looooong weekend! 😉

Paolo is your regular 8 to 5pm work guy who loves to travel and plays sports once in a while to keep up with his work-life balance. He always bring with him his Oleia Topical oil wherever, whenever.