Breast Is Best – The Benefits Of Breast Feeding

Breast Is Best – The Benefits Of Breast Feeding

Breast Feeding Month

It’s August and one of the events we celebrate here in the Philippines during this month is breast feeding awareness!

“Three kids and all exclusively breastfed?!  How did you do that???“

This is a common reaction when people learn for the first time that I breastfeed my kids, with matching ‘pasimpleng’ look at my chest… (count me as one of those who are not that gifted 😉 ).  And I give them a confidently beautiful answer, with a heart,

“Yes, I do!”

When I gave birth to our eldest, it was really a decision that my husband and I made to give the best to our child (and children to come!).  But “best” doesn’t always come easy. There’s a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

I remember crying to my husband all day and night on the first few weeks of post partum because of sleepless, restless nights, mixed with overwhelming emotions of being a first time mom.  Plus a consistent doubting if I made the right decision of breastfeeding my baby because man, she’s crying non-stop when she’s unlatched.

Is she really getting enough milk from me?  Or am I doing this thing the right way?

If you are wondering what made us stick to it up to this day (after three babies in four years!), it’s because of the benefits we could all get as a family.

Benefits of Breast feeding to Baby:

  • Breast milk provides all of the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals an infant needs for growth for the first 6 months, and no other liquids or food are needed.
  • Breast milk carries antibodies from the mother that help combat disease.
  • The act of breastfeeding stimulates proper growth of the mouth and jaw, and secretion of hormones for digestion and satiety.
  • It enhances baby’s brain development.
  • Breastfeeding creates a special bond between mother and baby and has positive outcomes in terms of stimulation, behavior, speech, sense of wellbeing and security and how the child relates to other people.
  • Breastfeeding lowers the risk of chronic conditions later in life, such as obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, childhood asthma, and childhood leukemia.

Benefits of Breast feeding to mothers:

  • Reduces mother’s risk of developing osteoporosis in later years.
  • Experience less post partum depression and also has lower risks of ovarian, uterine, and breast cancer.
  • Less likely to become pregnant in the first six months following delivery as breastfeeding can be a natural contraceptive.
  • One can return to their pre-prenancy weight sooner.

These are just some of the benefits one can get from breastfeeding. Not to mention that it is:

Free – Yup, no need buy those expensive formula milk, bottles,sterilizers,etc means more savings for the family!

Convenient  – always available, no need for preparation

Sterile – has the right temperature and environmental-friendly.

Oh, I forgot, the benefits of breastfeeding to daddies:

All of the above… 

plus the bonus of less interrupted sleep.  😉

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Andrea is a full time home maker. When she is not busy taking care of her husband and kids, she goes out giving financial management talks. She is a proud breastfeeding mom for four years running and an avid Oleia Topical Oil user.

Oleia: An Unusual Expression Of Love

Oleia: An Unusual Expression Of Love

They say if we fall in love we became crazy about it.

There are times that when we meet the person we fall in love with, we’ll feel butterflies inside our tummies. We even have those moments wherein we lose focus simply because we are too captivated by that person.

There are a lot of circumstances and challenges in falling in love. Sometimes we even reach to a point when we start asking ourselves if we are becoming crazy. There’s this thing called “love at first sight” as well. We also have the so called “puppy love”. Feeling loved started ever since we existed. We had our parents’ love, our siblings’ love, our friends’ love but through time we develop a certain kind of love that would end up in marriage.

But also, there are things you must avoid when falling in love. There are certain instances where like you probably love the person but that person won’t love you back. It’s unrequited. Another love story scenario could be you where love someone but another person loves you, both of you ending up with nothing.

The most painful scenario though is when you are already in what it seemed to be a perfect relationship but suddenly due to some circumstances, the love you built together falls apart.

In love, there are challenges that you cannot control.

It’s like pain, you cannot really control when you will feel it. But I guess, one good thing about pain is, it is curable by love. We can be in pain and the people who love us will also feel the same. Though not exactly on how you feel, but it is something that pinches their hearts. They care and love us unconditionally that’s why they look for ways to ease the pain. That effort alone is a sign of love; they do their best to help us in any way they can.

When experiencing pain, the people who love us will stay with us no matter what. They will be with us through those painful times.  And when our loved ones search for a remedy for the everyday pain we feel. It is best that they should go with an essential oil that is made with love. Just like OLEIA, it is  a natural oil with natural ingredients. It eases any kind of everyday pain. It is made with love so it will surely cure the pain. It can be used by almost anyone, even babies.

A simple massage can mean a lot, a simple application on the chest is enough. It is a way of expressing care. And caring is loving; if you love the person, you do your best just to relieve them from pain.

If you love them, you give the best, and the best is an oil that is also made with pure love – Oleia Topical Oil.

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An ambivert with an old soul, exceptionally decaffeinator, dreams to travel & witness awesome places around the globe, and aspires to touch co-earthlings’ hearts. She is an avid user of Oleia.

10 Things I Hate About My Dad

10 Things I Hate About My Dad

“We live to our dad’s standards because we all want to make them proud. “

There came a time in our lives where we wished we had a different Dad. If choosing a Father was just like picking up a new pet at a  shop, wouldn’t that be more exciting?

Sometimes we want things differently, we want the liberty to make choices,we always want to take control. But in some cases, we can’t.

We can’t pick a father as we were destined to be their children.

No matter how hard you try to ignore the facts, you are your Father’s daughter, you are your Dad’s son. So the question is, why is it that sometimes we wished to have a different Dad? That’s because just like everyone, our Dads are not perfect even if we wished they we’re.

Here are the 10 things I hate about my Dad…

My Dad Is Very Strict

My Dad was a Policeman, he was used to discipline and always being on time. He also wanted good grades and made sure I adhere to schedules on the dot. But I know that he was just preparing me for the future, that life is not one roller coaster ride that only goes up.

He taught me everything… to be prepared in a world where everything moves so fast!

My Dad Is A Nagger

My dad had a habit of nagging. Not only to me but pretty much to everyone in the house. He nagged about things that should always be organized, to always eat healthy food and avoid doing non-sense stuff that hinders or takes away our attention from school as our top priority. But nevertheless, now I know that he was just doing all of those because he wanted the best for me and my siblings.

My Dad Has Temper Issues

My Dad hated excuses, he wanted things to be done fast and smooth. He hated people who did things slow and sloppy, he wanted to watch how we did our assignments and tasks. He always wanted us to do more of what we thought we can only do, but then again I now know that he was just pushing us harder because he loved us and didn’t want us to settle for mediocrity.

My Dad Eats A Lot

He eats almost anything but shares with us. He takes eating together a priority, he always wants to eat with us even if it’s impossible. I remember one time he got home with a bucket of chicken and set the table. Dragged each of us to eat lunch with him, he also said that we need to eat fast because he is due for work. Later that day my Mom told me that Dad just got home for lunch because he wanted to eat with the whole family.

My Dad Is A Grumpy Old Man

He always shouts, he always looks grumpy and unreachable. He always talks about future, good education and working hard. He whines when he sees me and my siblings not taking things seriously. Fast forward to today, I think his grumpiness prepared us for the daily grind of our respective careers.

My Dad Is Pessimistic

He hated boys who talks to me or those looking and wants to approach me and ask for my number. He hated people who are teasing me or my siblings, he hated most specially boys who wanted to court me. He taught me to focus more on

My Dad Drinks Beer

My dad loves beer. He loves to drink with his colleagues… it’s like his own way of relaxation and also to socialize. He knows his limits though and does not put beer in his head that will make him loose himself. It’s just his way of relieving his stress but one thing I admire about him was that even though he does drink, he never forgets to do his responsibilities as a father. He’s always around when we need him.

My Dad Is A Lady's Man

My dad is attractive and have some women’s eyes over him. He’s a good conversationalist too and am pretty sure he’s had a lot of admirers despite him married and with kids. But in spite of all these I know that his heart belong to my mom only. No doubt!

My Dad Kept A Secret

He lied that he is strong, he lied that he was going to stay strong no matter what, he lied to me about going to my graduation. He lied that he was going to be there for me on that special day.  But sadly, he left so soon. He left even before those promises were fulfilled, he died before my Graduation day.

He left on the day of his own birthday.

My Dad Made Me Miss Him So Much

It’s been almost a year since my dad passed. I still remember the good times. The laughs we shared, the bonding moments we had when I was a kid, those happy times with our family, I even remember our arguments clearly. God, I miss him so much.

My Dad said that he was going to be there for me always. With me through my ups and downs. Thru the good times and bad times. He promised to be the shoulder I can cry on, to be the strength I need when I am about to give up.

But things happen for a reason. There are things way beyond our control. It was more than a year when he was diagnosed with heart enlargement that ultimately took his life. I remember his struggles, I can still see his pain. Now he is in a better place and he is at peace. He’s probably looking down on us with a smile knowing that we are living up to his standards and that we’re doing our best to make him proud.

I hate you for making me miss you so much but I love you very much Dad!

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An ambivert with an old soul, exceptionally decaffeinator, dreams to travel & witness awesome places around the globe, and aspires to touch co-earthlings’ hearts. She is an avid user of Oleia.

My Dad Is A Liar

My Dad Is A Liar

My dad has the brightest smile. He always gives what I want. He always makes sure that I eat first than him.

He never gets tired. He is strong. He doesn’t cry. He is my superhero. He is my FIRST LOVE.

But he is this world’s GREATEST LIAR.

            He is a liar – and a great one indeed! Well, I thought he is a good dad.  He does everything for me. He prepares my food. He helps me with my assignments. He even lets me ride his back and play with me. We often go to parks or malls if when I request. I remember when he even bought my favourite ice cream because I badly wanted it. I cried loudly, insisting that I really wanted that ice cream. He didn’t let me buy though; saying that after eating one will just trigger my toothache.

But of course during my younger days, I threw tantrums crying for and ice cream so he had no choice but to buy me one. During that night then, what he said was true. I went back to him crying because of the pain I felt due the tooth ache. But just like every other dad, he approached me as if it wasn’t my fault why I’m in pain. He still treated me me and tried his best to make me stop crying.

He did it without blaming my stubbornness.

The most amazing thing about it though, he was smiling while doing everything for me as if he was really willing to do it anywhere, anytime.

That’s how great my dad was. Not until I learned the truth. He lied to me.

I thought he was totally honest. But it turned out that while he makes sure that I eat first, he’s actually skipping some of his. He acts as if he is a ball of energy but he’s actually tired. He doesn’t cry but when I’m around but he’s wincing in pain and cries when am not. 

He was my super hero, and that’s true. He was my first love but he was also my FIRST HEART BREAK!

It still breaks my heart seeing him sacrifice everything for me.

When I saw this video… 

It crushed my heart, I felt a sudden pain inside that sent chills down to my spine. I realized how huge the lie was and the magnitude of what my dad was doing for me. I felt guilty but also felt loved.

He’s the greatest liar and he’s not a good dad. He is the best dad in this world.


This Sunday, we will be celebrating Father’s day and I am sure there are a lot of wonderful dad stories out there.  Let us take this day in showing our gratitude to our dads. They ultimately deserve one. 


Meanwhile, enjoy the video and prepare some tissues while your eyes perspire! 😉




About The Author

Reynald is an Oleia user and content contributor. He is a dreamer by night, a storyteller by day.His stories are told through the click of his camera lens and the strokes of his pen.

When Schooling Starts Prep-up Your Child

When Schooling Starts Prep-up Your Child

It’s the start of another school year and you are probably worried about the upcoming expenses.

Tuition, uniforms, and school supplies make you worry a lot but there’s something more important than these.  Yes, your child needs these all year round but these are not what’re really important. Your child’s learning is. Intelligence is not measured on the things that you literally have anyway. It is the content of the notebook and not the cover or design; it’s about how the pen’s ink is used, not the brand. Briefly, it’s the inner part of the context.

Anyhow, one essential part in preparing the child for school that I’m pointing out is the physical state.

If your child’s body is physically fit or if a student does not feel any pain or throbbing reaction whether internal or external then the outcome of his work will be okay. There are proven effective ways to improve a student’s body condition. If the child is physically fit, the mind functions accordingly.


For instance, if a toothache suddenly occurred while the student is taking a test, what do you think will happen?

Likewise, if your child experienced migraine in the middle of PE exam, do you think he can perform 20 jumping jacks, 20 sit-ups and 20 pull-ups one by one without complaining? The struggle is real, isn’t it?

So, how do we really prepare our kids for school? Here are some pointers to do so:

  • Mentally. Prepare your child mentally by reminding him about the basic rules of the school and its system. With this, he’ll be aware of how to properly move as a student.
  • Emotionally. Readiness in terms of being encouraged going to school. It’s about his feeling towards going to school, meeting new classmates and teachers, building friendships. Talk to him positively about things he can gain or learn from this institution.
  • Physically. Being fit in this aspect is very important. As mentioned above, a physically fit body helps the mind to function well. Gaining enough amount of sleep and taking vitamins are considered to better your child’s physical condition. Plus, you can also bring with him first aid kits. You may include Oleia Topical Oil to complete his emergency kit.

Oleia Topical Oil,

known by many as a miraculous tool in aiding pain or aches. If you’re looking for something reliable, I highly recommend this oil for your child particularly the chamomile one. It is available in South Star Drugs, Watsons, and soon on Mercury Drugs. Schooling is a long-term process, so this means your child needs a long-term partner too. With Oleia, your child is not just ready but completely geared up.

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An ambivert with an old soul, exceptionally decaffeinator, dreams to travel & witness awesome places around the globe, and aspires to touch co-earthlings’ hearts. She is an avid user of Oleia.

Luto ni Nanay

Luto ni Nanay

Sa pagsikat ng araw, sa pagtilaok ng manok, at sa tapik ni nanay na nagsasabing, “Anak, gising na.” Ito na, almusal na

Babangon pa lang ako, nakahain na ang pagkain, nananabik na makita kung ano ang putaheng naghihintay sa mesa. Sakto, kumukulo na ‘yung tiyan ko. Kailangan ata nito ng mainit init na sabaw para magising ang natutulog ko pang diwa. Sagana sa rekado; karne na nagbibigay sa akin ng lakas, gulay na nagbibigay ng talino at sustansya. “Kailangan mo ‘yan.” Ang munting payo ni Inay na tila nagsisilbing gabay sa pagharap ko sa hamon ng buhay. Ang usok na may kasamang hagod ng langhap sarap na ulam ay senyales na nakakatanggal pa lang nito sa lutuan. Parang pagmamahal ni Inay, mainit, may hagod at masarap sa pakiramdam. Wala pa ring kupas ang luto ni Inay, patok pa rin ang lasa, kumpleto rekado parang pag-aalaga at pag-aaruga niya sa akin, pinupunan niya lahat ng aming pangangailangan.

Narito na ako sa salas, nagpapahinga, naglilibang. Ngunit ano na naman itong nararamdaman ko, kumakalam na naman ang sikmura ko. Tanghalian na pala. Ano kaya ang ulam? Masarap sana kung kaldereta, tapos medyo maanghang yung sarsa. Panalo yun, parang pagmamahal ni mama, walang katapusan at damang-dama ang init nito. Okay din sana kung adobong manok, yung sakto lang yung alat at manamis-namis, parang paglalambing ni mama, yung tipong lalanggamin kami sa sobrang sweet niya. At ngayon, kahit malaki na ako ganun pa rin siya, hindi pa rin siya nagbabago sa pinapakita niya kung gaano niya ako kamahal. Masarap din yung sinigang na baboy ni mama, sakto lang yung asim, nanunuot yung sarap kapag hinalo mo sa kanin, yung tipong mapapabalik-balik ka sa kaldero para sumandok ulit ng panibago, parang mga pangaral ni mama, swabe lang tinitiyak niya talagang tatatak sa isipan ko at hinding hindi ko makakalimutan.

Tunay ngang walang kupas ang mga putahe na niluluto sa atin ni Inay, mom o mama, lalo na kapag kumpletos rekados, paniguradong mananaba at magiging malusog ka sa araw-araw. Mga luto na tila busog ng pagaaruga, pagtyatiyaga, pangaral at higit sa lahat walang sawang pagmamahal na nagsisilbing kayamanan natin para makamit ang tagumpay sa buhay.

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Leiser a.k.a PapaJeckoL is an Oleia user and content contributor. He is a Photographer, Composer, Writer, Video editor, Actor, Host, and Director and he has this personal motto “Ang tunay na gwapo, hindi nagpupolbo.”