Father’s Love: A Mix of Fun and Sacrifices

Father’s Love: A Mix of Fun and Sacrifices

"The moment I realized that I am soon to become a father, my heart pumped fast as it could."

A thousand thoughts popped out of my head. It was my first time to become a father and I have no any idea how to be one. I was worried how I can balance my time both with work and daddy duties. At the same time,  what father would I be like, should I be strict, cool, or a happy go lucky one.

Every man who becomes a father for the first time has these thoughts running in their minds. The fear of uncertainties surely worry a lot.

Fatherhood is not an easy job. As the leader, provider and lover of the family, there are lots of responsibilities on his broad shoulders. He has to make sure that his family meets their basic needs, from clothing, to food, to shelter and pretty much everything. Being the head of the family, he has to provide direction. He has to be keen on his decisions and be as strong as possible. He needs to be the protector of the family and considers their security as top priority. But above all,  a dad has to give undivided love to his wife and children.

Fatherly love is something that molds and influences their children to be the best version of themselves.

The guidance and love of a father is vital to their children’s success in the future. But how does a man with so much responsibilities balance everything? 

But here’s the thing, when you enjoy the blessings of life, it should be spent with family that we love and treasure the most. Each of us only has 24 hrs a day. Therefore, we should not compromise our time that’s supposedly for the people we love. A wise man said, success in work and business can never compensate the failure of a family.

For fathers, understand these three major roles- you are the leader, lover and provider of the house. As a leader, you are accountable to making decisions that are best for your family. As a provider, it is your responsibility to put food on the table, give your kids the best education, and ensure that they are ready for an unforeseen circumstances in life. Finally as a lover, you are to give all the love and care, not only to your spouse but also to your kids. The best gift that you can give your children is to love their mother.

Fatherhood is hard but it can also be a lot of fun. When you enjoy life with your family by putting them first today, you create a stronger family. There’s a lot of ways to spend time with your family. Here are some:
Road Trip

This could be something that everyone in the family can enjoy. Aside from the adventure and the scenery, this can also promote a better bond within the family. Of course, being the father, you are the captain of your ship.

Art and Related Stuffs

Join your children in their world full of imagination. Impart views in life through arts. Strengthen the bond between you and your children by trying to understand how they think and what they believe in.


This could be a way to teach patience to your child and let them feel  the fulfillment of getting something that they really deserve.


One way to promote discipline and health consciousness to your children. Enjoy doing sports together and develop team bond as father-son or father -daughter tandem.

These are just a few ways to spend time with your family and children. There are a lot more things out there that you can do as long as you are willing to spend time with them. Yes, it may be hard to balance everything as a father, but once you understand your priorities you will never ever have to compromise your time as you build a lifetime bond with your spouse and kids. 


Kids spell L-O-V-E as T-I-M-E. When you do activities together, you build long lasting memories that they will treasure when they grow older. As the saying goes, “where your treasure is, there your heart maybe also”.



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Reynald is an Oleia user and content contributor. He is a dreamer by night, a storyteller by day.His stories are told through the click of his camera lens and the strokes of his pen.

Proposal Tips: Things to do that will make her say YES

Proposal Tips: Things to do that will make her say YES

Would she say yes? Maybe she can say no. What if she changed her mind? I’m having doubts if I’m going to push this. But I want her to be mine; I want to have a family with her. What would I do? Can I just ask her to marry me? Or maybe I can be more creative and do something better…

Here are some tips that you can do when you are already thinking about popping the big Q.


While you are both enjoying your trip having a good laugh inside the car, pull over, step out of the car, go down on your knees, and ask her the question that she’s probably waiting for a long time. (turn off the car engine just to make sure that she doesn’t run you over out of excitement 😉 )

Go on a mountain hike

What a better way to put an a analogy to your proposal than this. You can be a little cheesy like telling her “my love for you will endure the terrains of this mountain” or “i’ll go up any mountain just to get your YES”

NOTE: Be sure to time the proposal perfectly where she’s not catching her breath or you do not smell like your wet socks… otherwise you won’t get the answer that you want.

During Sunset

The sunset probably signifies a very romantic ambience. Imagine yourself with the one you love walking while holding hands, pa-sway sway pa, while the sun is about to go down. Then you stop to a halt, go down on your knees, take out the ring and ask her “will you marry me before it totally gets dark?”.The best part about doing this during a sunset is that you get her full attention all thru the night.

NOTE: It’s best done seaside, bay-walk or park.

Add a little grandeur

Ask your woman to dress up elegantly and make sure that you are dapper yourself. Get that coat that you haven’t worn for years. Wear a tie if you have to. Get your shoes shiny where you can see clearly the reflection of your nostrils and bring her to a theater, an opera or a concert.

NOTE: It pays if you know people in the event. You can give them a heads up of what you plan on doing after the whole shebang.


Keep It Simple Stupid. If you are 100% sure that your partner really loves you, you don’t have to go uber extra-ordinaire. She was probably thinking about strangling you already because you have been dating for a long time and you haven’t given a hint that you want to spend the rest of your life with her. So a simple dinner will do.

Go Extreme

Have you ever imagined yourself doing something that will kill you? Well if you’re thinking about proposing, some people say marriage is like killing yourself slowly; but that’s according to people who grow old alone. But for hopeless romantics like us spending the rest of our lives with the one we love is like a leap of fate. So go skydiving!

NOTE: Make sure that you follow safety precautions and that your ‘chute will open otherwise that part in your wedding vow that says ,”Till death do us part” is fulfilled even before she says YES”

Flash Mob

You’ve probably seen a lot of these in youtube. They are the most popular for millenials and you can emulate the same or add your own flavour and style to one.

Take Note: You may need a lot of help from both of your friends.

Theseare some of my suggestions and there are a lot of ideas out there that you can still do. But remember this: popping the big Q or asking someone to spend the rest of her life with you is not a walk in the park. In fact it’s just a beginning of the new chapter in life. At the end of the day how much you love her and how much she loves you back is what lasts a lifetime.

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Leiser a.k.a PapaJeckoL is an Oleia user and content contributor. He is a Photographer, Composer, Writer, Video editor, Actor, Host, and Director and he has this personal motto “Ang tunay na gwapo, hindi nagpupolbo.”

My First Crush

My First Crush

Oleia Confessions Vol. 5


It’s the first day of school and I’m just so excited to see my friends, old classmates, basketball teammates, and meet new friends its my senior year in high school and to think that I only have Less than 365 days before I start a new course of study in college I wanna make the most out of this time.

Personally, I think my whole high school life was more than books, projects, and assignments it was fun! I’m probably one of the most popular students in school given that I am the captain of the basketball team it also pays that our team has not yet been beaten since the start of the tournaments last year. True enough winning makes you popular, but out of all the adventures I experience I still feel that something is missing.

Today was just a typical day.

I’m heading out to the gym with the ball on my right hand, my basketball kicks to my left and my gym bag strapped around my shoulders down to my waist. I take my game seriously even in practice. So before I even head to the gym I psych myself up, I want my mood to be on game mode, so I always play my spotify playlist titled “Basketball groove”. Music keeps my blood pumping my adrenalin always to the next level.

Then every time I’m a block away from the gym I made it a habit to sprint as fast as I can to get my momentum going. As I was running full speed ahead with the music beating hard to my ear drums I was totally unaware of my surroundings. Then out of nowhere a girl just appeared and I hit her hard on her shoulders that made her loose her balance and fall. Dang!

I picked her up

then said sorry the next moment was really weird. The moment I saw her face, time seem like to stand still. Man! she was so beautiful! Bright round hazel brown Eyes, long black hair and a smile that shines like the stars. That was the moment that I proved to myself that what happens in Television can happen in real life, that was the moment that I met my first Crush. 16 years in existence and this was the first time that I’ve felt this feeling that I couldn’t really explain with words.

Going back, After I picked her up I asked her name, maybe she’s a little weirded out or maybe she’s shy that it took her a while before answering my question. Her name was Czandrae/dae after that I’ve noticed that she had bruise on her knees I quickly helped her sit on a waiting shed near us and grabbed my gym bag. Thankfully I always bring my Oleia Topical Oil when I go to the gym in case of any injuries and pain, I applied it to her bruises and quickly she felt relief. This oil never fails in battling pain caused by injuries and its really fast acting! Given that it is made up of natural ingredients. Now that we’re done with the commercial let’s go back to our story.

After that Day

I started dating her it wasn’t easy given that it was my first time dating a girl and I was afraid to loose her, but thankfully after several months she said yes, she confessed to me that she also had that slow mo phenomenon but it was when I was applying Oleia to her bruises.

It’s been 20 years since that story happened and still I’m an avid Oleia user. Though my basketball career ended in college, I didn’t loose faith in Oleia for I’ve proven the effectiveness of this Miracle Cure for Pain. And definitely an added “Pogi Points” when used on women. Czandrae and I have been happily married for 15 years with three kids since that incident.



New Oleia User

I’m Peter’s Wendy

I’m Peter’s Wendy

I realized, Neverland isn't a place... but a state of mind.

When I was a kid, I always wanted to be Wendy. To escape for a moment, be with Peter and his fun. But you can never escape from everything, you always need to choose which path you are going to take and walk on. Peter and Captain Hook did not get along well with each other but I have my own battles. In these battles, I became more aware of what I am walking in and out since this is part of growing up.

There have been different paths and various roads. Bumpy, full of challenges where sometimes you need to cry your heart out to lighten the burden and somehow ease the heavy feeling. There will be times that you’ll feel so much pain and stress that they will eat you out. You may have so much fun that could take all these out but at the end of the day, you still can’t have them all. And if ever you have them all, where would you put them?

There’s this book that turned out to be a movie and I quote, “pain demands to be felt”. With this, we all learn from our mistakes, we all need to experience pain. Inevitably as it may seem but pain can be avoided by totally healing it because it’s all in the mind, believe me. Peter decided to stay young and free, as for this, I am Peter’s Wendy, I did grow up; experienced pain, sorrow and joy.

I am just lucky I have a companion with every pain. Growing up and experiencing puberty is hard but with this companion, I surpassed them all with a smile and made me stronger.

Thanks Oleia Topical Oil, especially the chamomile one! Thank you for being there through my younger years.

You’ve been there since I started feeling toothache, headache, muscle cramps and other pains.

I may not have had my own Neverland but I have my own way to never experience pain for a long time. I can carry it with me anytime and anywhere- can now welcome pain and take it away naturally! Mark my words, this is an amazing product. Even captain hook’s croc would have loved this one!

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To Kris, life is an awfully big adventure so she lives it day by day. For her, we must learn from the past, live with the present and aim for a great future. She is an Oleia user.

Ismol but Teribol

Walang maliit na hindi nakakapuwing




Sabi nila kapag ismol o maliit daw e mahina, mahirap bigyan ng trabaho, hinahamak at walang masyadong silbi dahil nga maliit lang. Pinaka-una sa pila kapag find your height ang siste at pinakahuling pipiliin kung larong basketbol ang usapan. Hindi agad napapansin at kadalasang kinukuha na lang ‘pag wala nang mapagpilian. Mahirap pang hanapin dahil maaaring nagtatago sila sa kasuluksulukang lugar o hindi naman kaya natatabunan ng malalaking bagay. Mahirap din manood ng concert o kahit anong palabas kailangan nakatayo. Wala kang makita.

Kung hindi ka magpapakitang gilas, hindi ka mapapansin. Kadalasan ding nabubully ang mga maliliit, isang pitik lang tumba na. Idikit mo lang sa mas matangkad taob na. Kung ipagkukumpara, mas pinipili talaga ang malalaki dahil sa tingin ng iba’y mas mahusay sila. Ngunit sa kabilang banda at ang hindi nila alam, ang mga maliliit pa pala ang merong mas magandang maidudulot dahil kahit na maliit palaban sila at hindi nagpapatinag.

Ang hirap maging maliit

Madali pang isama o pakisamahan ang maliliit, kaya mong bitbitin kahit saan at ‘di pa mabigat dalhin. Dahil magaan ngang kasama, nakakapawi rin ng pagod at lungkot. Kaya nitong pahupain ang sakit na nararamdaman mo. Kahit na maliit, kaya kang yakapin at palambutin ang hirap mong nararamdaman. ‘Ika nga, kung sino pa ang maliit, sila pa ang mas nakakapuwing. Parang Oleia Topical Oil, alam mo ba kung ano iyon? ‘Di dahil maliit ito at mukhang mahirap mahagilap. Kung ikukumpara sa iba gaya ng efficascent oil, hindi hamak na isa lang itong bulinggit.

Pero, iba itong Oleia kasi kahit na maliit, sobrang bisa nito sa katawan ng tao.

Kung gagamitin sa sakit ng ulo, dysmenorrhea o kaya naman sa kahit anong sakit ng katawan ay ginhawa talaga ang hatid. Walang anghang sa pagpahid at mula pa sa iba’t ibang uri ng langis na siguradong makabubuti sa katawan. Hindi lamang sa masasakit na katawan ito magagamit, pwede rin sa mga rashes. Dati akong may rashes na hindi ko alam kung sa’n nanggaling, sobrang kati! Sinubukan kong gumamit ng Oleia at agad na humupa ang kati, unti-unti na ring nawala ang mga pantal ko.

Laking tulong ng isang maliit na bagay, ‘no? Kaya hindi dapat natin husgahan ang ano o sinuman dahil sa sukat nito. Kahit pa maliit e malaki ang magagawa. Subukan munang tignan ang inam nito bago sabihing wala itong maidudulot. Dahil malay mo, ang munti palang ito ang gusto mong makasama habambuhay dahil sa husay ng pag-aalaga nito sa’yo.

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Angela Ruiza is an Oleia user and content contributor. When not busy with work, she just prefers to spend time at home watching her favorite TV series and read books.