The Story Teller’s Story

The Story Teller’s Story

I can’t function well, I don’t know if it’s because of lack of sleep, Hunger, or because of the pain in my back.

Being a writer sometimes sucks, a lot of things could affect your outputs, your surroundings, your mood, and physical state matters when you’re a writer.

Writer’s block

Most people thinks that being a writer is a freaking easy job, well guess what? It’s actually almost as tiring as doing construction work and I’m not exaggerating because I’ve done construction work before, but that’s another story. Going back, writers has this something called a “writer’s block” a phenomenon in which no matter how hard you think of a good story you just can’t visualize how you will start writing it.

It has something to do with your emotional and physical state, emotional when you’re nit in the mood to write or having a problem that blocks the idea in your mind, is when you feel pain that’ll distract you of course and also the surroundings, most writers prefers being in a quiet room but it actually still depends on the writer.

Each and everyone of us has their own identity and have our own writing style like Dan Brown, Nicholas sparks, J.K Rowling, and Paolo Coelho. We need to be in shape to write a good story, and I’ve discovered a secret that deals with the physical and emotional dilemmas that I’ve/we’ve experience. Aroma therapy is best to keep me relaxed and a good massage relaxes my body and put me on a good mood it may seem pricey but I’ve found a product that can do both with a budget friendly price.

Meet Oleia topical oil,

A working wonder that has three relaxing scent namely Lavender, chamomile, and their newest scent Peppermint. It deals with any kind pain that we experience in our daily lives it could be considered as a writers best companion to keep me/us in the mood to write beautiful, Amazing, Awesome, Thrilling, and Inspiring stories for our beloved readers.

Oleia topical oil is not just for writers, the maker of the oil is inspired to make a remedy to relieve pain that all of us experience in each and every day of our lives and the fact that it doesn’t heat up like other pain remedies so it’s safe for babies and other individuals that have a sensitive skin. this is Ralph a writer and an avid Oleia user, Stop pain the natural way, Try Oleia

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Josef is an Oleia user and content contributor. He is a express himself through writing and music. He is not good at lying. He believes in the quote “He who knows does not speak, he who speaks does not know” 

Oleia: An Unusual Expression Of Love

Oleia: An Unusual Expression Of Love

They say if we fall in love we became crazy about it.

There are times that when we meet the person we fall in love with, we’ll feel butterflies inside our tummies. We even have those moments wherein we lose focus simply because we are too captivated by that person.

There are a lot of circumstances and challenges in falling in love. Sometimes we even reach to a point when we start asking ourselves if we are becoming crazy. There’s this thing called “love at first sight” as well. We also have the so called “puppy love”. Feeling loved started ever since we existed. We had our parents’ love, our siblings’ love, our friends’ love but through time we develop a certain kind of love that would end up in marriage.

But also, there are things you must avoid when falling in love. There are certain instances where like you probably love the person but that person won’t love you back. It’s unrequited. Another love story scenario could be you where love someone but another person loves you, both of you ending up with nothing.

The most painful scenario though is when you are already in what it seemed to be a perfect relationship but suddenly due to some circumstances, the love you built together falls apart.

In love, there are challenges that you cannot control.

It’s like pain, you cannot really control when you will feel it. But I guess, one good thing about pain is, it is curable by love. We can be in pain and the people who love us will also feel the same. Though not exactly on how you feel, but it is something that pinches their hearts. They care and love us unconditionally that’s why they look for ways to ease the pain. That effort alone is a sign of love; they do their best to help us in any way they can.

When experiencing pain, the people who love us will stay with us no matter what. They will be with us through those painful times.  And when our loved ones search for a remedy for the everyday pain we feel. It is best that they should go with an essential oil that is made with love. Just like OLEIA, it is  a natural oil with natural ingredients. It eases any kind of everyday pain. It is made with love so it will surely cure the pain. It can be used by almost anyone, even babies.

A simple massage can mean a lot, a simple application on the chest is enough. It is a way of expressing care. And caring is loving; if you love the person, you do your best just to relieve them from pain.

If you love them, you give the best, and the best is an oil that is also made with pure love – Oleia Topical Oil.

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An ambivert with an old soul, exceptionally decaffeinator, dreams to travel & witness awesome places around the globe, and aspires to touch co-earthlings’ hearts. She is an avid user of Oleia.

Best Wedding Spot: The Day I Marry Daniel Padilla

Best Wedding Spot: The Day I Marry Daniel Padilla

To have and to hold,

For better or for worse,

For richer,

For poorer,

In sickness and in health,

To love and to cherish,

From this day forward

Until death do us part.

Today, I’m going to marry Daniel Padilla, the love of my life. This is the time I’ve been waiting for a long time. I can’t wait for the moment when I’ll be by his side, hold him and be together as one. I admit, this is not love at first sight. I didn’t find him cute the first time I saw him. I even get annoyed because I couldn’t understand why many girls are crazy over him. I even told a friend of mine that he’s not my ideal guy and I will never like him. But since then, He made me eat my own words. Suddenly, I fell in love.

It Must Be Love

I started admiring him when he start developing masculine physique as he grow up. I found him attracting. It was unforgettable for me when I reminisce about the first time I found him cute. It was when I watched his movie, It Must Be Love and ever since that moment, I started liking him. I always follow him. I even came to a point where I follow his fans club to get updated to his every schedule; to where he was up until to;  where will he be on the future days. Ever since, I knew his schedule of mall shows and his taping days.

Every night before I go to sleep, I  stalk him. I always look at his tweets and  his Instagram posts. Until I got to know him personally. And as he got the chance to mingle with his fans, we were able o know him more.

5 years

Let’s just say the rest was history. I’ve been his fan for 5 years and I could say that the more I got the chance to be with him, I always encourage myself that this kind of guy is what I wanted to marry with. I just love everything about him. His personality and features. I love staring at his tender eyes, his pointed nose, and his smile which I love the most. It also makes me smile genuinely.I always imagine myself what does it feels like holding his hands, fingers intertwined. Will my heart beat fast every time he will hug me so tight? I always dream about ending up with him, having future with him and finally, it’s happening. This is every woman’s dream come true, to have a perfect dream wedding to the guy he dreamed of.

I’m both excited and nervous. My wedding dress is perfectly fit to me. I have my light make-up on me which recommended by my cousin so that if I got a chance to cry, it will not ruin my face. I breathe in, breathe out. This is it. I step out of the car. My dad and mom meet me outside. I hold to my dad’s arm as we walk in. Everything’s perfect. I planned everything exactly the way I wanted. I close my eyes before walking the aisle.

Ever since I was a little, I always have an image of myself in a wedding. Every time my mom has a wedding to go, she always wanted me to join. As I see people inside the place, while the bride is walking the aisle and I saw the groom having tears, I can’t help but to think myself in that position. I went to a different location of wedding. Some the beach, some have a garden wedding and some at church. Every place I got through a wedding, I always ask myself, “will be that the kind of wedding I want in my future?” If I choose a beach wedding, where it will be? At the Boracay? Palawan? If I choose a garden wedding, where it will be? At Tagaytay? At Cavite? If I choose to have my wedding at church, where it will be? At Batangas? At Cebu?

When I turned teenager, I found wedding more interesting. I always search for different beautiful weddings at website especially to a celebrities wedding. I admire those wedding like Bianca Gonzales and JC Intal where they got married at Lagen Island Resort in El Nido. Like Chito Miranda and Neri Naig who had a garden wedding at Tagaytay City. My favorite kind of wedding is the wedding of Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano who had a church wedding and held their wedding at Taytay United Methodist Church in Taytay, Rizal.

I opened my eyes. I found myself in front of my study table. I suddenly realized that I’m dreaming again but then my confusion turned into a smile. There so many other destinations for wedding. It will just depend on the motif of the bride and groom.  Some of it held at the mountain top inn or under the sea. It could be a traditional kind of wedding that will be held at the famous or your dream church.

Other places like:

  • Kawayan Cove in Nasugbu, Batangas
  • Ignatius Chapel, Baguio City
  • Hacienda Isabelle in Indang, Cavite
  • Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa, Bohol
  • Balesin Island, Quezon Province
  • Blue Leaf Filipinas, Paranaque City
  • Highlands Golf Club, Tagaytay City
  • Sampaguita Events Place, Quezon City
  • Nuestra Senora Dela Paz Y Buen Viaje, Batangas
  • Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Cubao, Quezon City
You can choose any place you want for your wedding. Just make sure it will fit to your dream wedding and perfect for your special someone just like what I always do. 😉

About The Author

Angela Ruiza is an Oleia user and content contributor.When not busy with work, she just prefers to spend time at home watching her favorite TV series and read books.

Despicable Thing

Despicable Thing

If I meet hundreds of people everyday how can I assure myself that they are really the good one? It’s really hard to gauge whether one is good or bad just by looking at their physical features.

Who would have thought that these yellow cuties who love banana are part of a despicable plan? No one, I suppose. They are made by their evil crime leader, Gru, to be his army of small, cute and yellow monsters to spread evilness through out the city. The ironic part though, they are too cute to be taken seriously as the ones who will create doom to all people. It is somewhat simlar to the real life, appearance can be deceiving. We cannot be judgemental about someone’s appearance. Doesn’t mean one is cute, he’ll be good. And it doesn’t mean the one looks bad , he’s literally bad.

In the world full of despise.

If I meet hundreds of people everyday how can I assure myself that they are really the good one? It’s really hard to gauge whether one is good or bad just by looking at their physical features. Given, everyone has their own bad sides and waterloos. We cannot really tell it unless we got to a point with our relationship with these people wherein, we are fortunate enough to know them from their heads to toes. Also, we’ll be able to discover their good sides. We’ll even know what they despise about the society, the surroundings and even people.

There are people who really tries to change everything and put matters on their hand. Just like Gru, in despicable me, by nature he is really good. It manifests on his character on the second installment of the movie. Although, he claims himself as an evil genius, he is actually good at heart. Certainly, those three kids is his weakness and became the turning point on how he do things.


We meet various kind of people throughout our life. Some are really bad, some even hurt us. That can be our boyfriends, our toxic officemates and even our hectic jobs. But the thing here is we just have to get over these stuffs and try to confront the bigger and more important stuffs in front of you.


Choosing people is just similar to how we choose our brands. First, we cannot really judge them based on the packaging. They may look effective but that does not guarantee that it will provide you the best relief to pains. I know one that may look small but it gives huge lift when it comes to overcoming pain. Again, packaging may be deceiving.

In life, if you just stick on what you are used to, you will never be like Gru

Just like Gru, he took matters with his own hands and try to change the world. With the help of his legion of minions, he attempted but he eventually realize the real purpose of his life through the kids. Gru eventually become a hero on his own right.

Similar on how we choose our brands, we’ll never realize that there are better brands compared to what we grew up using. It’s just that we are too confined to what we get used to.

It is best to try and challenge yourself. Be a hero on your own, step out of the box on what you used to, and find new stuffs to try on.

Find OLEIA TOPICAL OIL, Oleia has natural ingredients that can help you ease the pain and it’s good for your health and body. The despicable pain you were feeling will be gone. Stop it! Be a hero, be a better person, Stop being stubborn and start trying new things, be like Gru step out of the box. Be smart. Be a HERO.

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Jackylyn is an Oleia user and content contributor. She is a paradox, a conflicted contradiction. If she can’t figure herself out, there’s no way anyone else can.

Is Ignorance A Problem?

Is Ignorance A Problem?

“It’s nice to think that the reason that people don’t do what you need them to do, or conform to your standards, or make good choices is simply that they don’t know enough.”

After all, if that’s the case, all you’ll need to do is inform them, loudly and clearly.

So, that employee who shows up late: just let her know that being late isn’t allowed. Threaten to fire her.That’ll do it.

That officemate you like will not ask herself on a date unless you go ask her out. She will never figure out you like her in the first place unless you tell her so.

When you dine, the waiter will not have an idea of what you want to eat from the get go.He’s there with his pen ready to take down your order. He can never make a wild guess on your food choices until you tell him so.

The thing is, ignorance is rarely the problem.The challenge is that people don’t always care about what you care about.


And the reason they don’t care isn’t that they don’t know what you know. The reason is that they don’t believe what you believe.

The challenge, then, isn’t to inform them. It’s to engage and teach and communicate in a way that shares emotion and values and beliefs. Put for example how we choose our pain relievers? Isn’t it that we conform to what we got used to? What our parents and probably grand parents have been accustomed to using?

They’ll tell you, “take this or use this, I’ve had one for years! So it’s tried and tested!

When we’ve grown accustomed to something, it becomes our culture, a part of who we are. That is why we seldom shift course, we seldom change products. But the question is, is it really because of the brand? Or is it because we just don’t want to upset our fore fathers? Or maybe, we are just too ignorant to look around and see that there are better ones out there? You probably have not heard about Oleia Topical Oil.

Trust me I didn’t know what this product was 3 months ago. To think that this has been around the past 8 years in the market is a testament to how good the quality is. As I started using one, I realized that because I got used to other brands, I’ve opted to stay away from those I’m not familiar of. And I was ignorant to think that it wasn’t as good as the top brands.

I was wrong.

Let me tell you one thing. To compare Oleia Topical Oil with other liniments and other oils is a disgrace to comparison itself. Oleia Topical Oil is a totally different specie. In fact it should be in a universe of it’s own. Soothing relief naturally, ingredients that don’t harm you and is even great for babies, Scents that do not make your nose turn upside down. Yes, you are probably as ignorant about it now while you’re reading. Prove me wrong.

Try this product and tell me that what I believe is not true. At the end of the day, your experience with Oleia Topical oil will bring out emotions, will intrigue you to understand its values, and as the makers of this product say

this is a gift from our family to yours

… by then, just like me, you will become a believer.

About The Author

Wendell is the CEO and Managing Director of Business Is Fun Club. He is a speaker, entrepreneur, and a full time family man. Hates being bored he ends up sleeping. 

What Women Want; Understanding the Female Specie

What Women Want; Understanding the Female Specie

“if you can’t handle the moody, you can’t handle the booty”

Women are known to be the gender of being kind, caring and loving. They are mothers; women are known to be demanding. They have a list of traits they want in a person. They have the list of things they want to have and achieve. Also, women are very simple yet driven with a strong determination when challenged. They are specie that is hard to handle when not understood. But most of all, they are a specie that you can’t mess with if you do not know how to put your arguments.

There are a few things a man doesn’t know about a woman. They think women are hard to handle. A lot of men actually do not understand how women think. But women are easier to understand than what they really look and to what they act.

Beautiful, strong and independent these are words how mostly men characterize the female specie, as what the saying is “if you can’t handle the moody, you can’t handle the booty” if you do know how to handle a woman you really do know how to read and understand the world of mood swings, tantrums, period and ovulation. She might look grumpy and hard to handle but inside lays a very sweet, simple and a caring person.

They are made for men. They are man’s biggest trophy and achievement. If they can make their woman happy and contented with the relationship, then that man loves her woman so much. Women are very strong, they can carry all the burdens in this world. Furthermore, they can weigh as double as their weight for 9 months and does not complain. They can change their names just for the person they love. They do their best just to make the whole family happy even if things weren’t that good.

Women are a gift from God, they are the feminine counterpart of men but if things turns out to be opposite than what they expect they can still smile and go on.  A woman only wants a few things in life, they are not very demanding but they want things to be fulfilled the way it must be. They love to smile and laugh, their joy is in a reach of hand. They just put up lists and things they want to happen but does not really stick with it, they are contented with what they have, they can be very driven and be an over-achiever but they are just doing it for the good of everybody especially for the people they love.

So to all men out there, pause for a while and take time to understand your woman. Aside from continously appreciating her beauty and finesse, make sure to admire her strength and passion. Especially to those who are planning to tie the knot this June, you will be spending your entire lifetime with your woman so make sure to take care of her. Understand her tendencies, what she likes and what she does not.

Good luck!

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An ambivert with an old soul, exceptionally decaffeinator, dreams to travel & witness awesome places around the globe, and aspires to touch co-earthlings’ hearts. She is an avid user of Oleia.