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Caring for your Wife 101 – How to Properly Take Care of

Your Wife After Giving Birth

” I take you to be my wife

To have and to hold

From this day forward

For better or for worse

For richer, for poorer

In sickness and in health

Until death do us part. “

As men, this is the vow we take when we give ourselves to our partner on the day of marriage. It is a sacred vow that
tells not only the witnesses but God that we will do our best to take care of our wives as humanly as possible.

But how does this really apply in everyday life? Today, we are going to look at a very practical example of how us as men can take
care of our wives. And that is when the time comes that they give birth to our children. While this seems obvious, a lot of men frankly do not have an idea on how to take care of their wife after giving birth. We wrongly assume that it is outside of our control and that’s why we miss a very wonderful opportunity to show our partners how much we love them.

Your wife needs you

Yes, she does, both physically and emotionally. After giving birth to the baby, our wives don’t really rest at all. They take care of our children 24/7 and that pressure is very demanding. Add this to the fact that postpartum depression can hit them hard especially if they spend time alone.

The Love Bank

Have you ever heard of this concept? This idea has been shared many times by different authors and counselors. The basic idea is that every one of us creates in our heart a love account to every person that matters to us. Everything being said and done to us by that person either marks a deposit or a withdrawal. The idea is that the bank should be loaded for us to have a healthy relationship with another person.

Now to use that illustration, our wives withdraws from their account every single day to give out to their babies. When they feed them, when they bathe them, when they play with them – moms withdraw from their own accounts. The only way to replenish that is to be given the same kind of nurturing.

You cannot give what you do not have

If we want our wives to give our best to our kids, we must shower them also with the love they need. Have you filled up her love bank?



Ways to fill the love bank

Filling the love bank doesn’t always have to be mushy. Most of the time it’s practical. Here are some of the ways you can help your wife feel loved during this important period of her life:

  1. Make sure she is well fed – This is especially true if your partner is breastfeeding. She needs to be heathy and preparing meals will be a big task for her in this time of her life. Make sure that she has food and water. When she sits, ask her if she wants to have a snack while feeding the baby.
  2. Appreciate her efforts – Always say thank you and I am proud of you. Too many moms feel that they are underappreciated for what they do and saying those words will mean a lot to them.
  3. Share the labor – this is the principle, whoever stays at home takes care of the baby. But if both parents are home, they both should take care of the baby. Even after a hard day’s work – offer to help in some chores for the baby. Not only that it will help her tremendously, but it will also help you connect with your baby.
  4. Massage her – As a dad with a breastfeeding wife, I realized the heavy burden that breastfeeding can do to our wives back. Offer to massage her instead of sending her off to a massage parlor. It’s more intimate, more caring and more personal. Tip: Use Oleia Topical Oil with Chamomile Scent it will help her relax even more.
  5. Be a man – What do I mean? Especially to new fathers, we need to know that this time is very sensitive and we need to be there with our partners. Do not go out for drinks and leave your wife alone.


A happy wife is a happy life. Be her shield, her comfort and her true knight in shining armor.




About The Author

Manuel is a guy who loves books. He enjoys reading and does it whenever he can. If he’s not reading, he spends time with his family and also ministers to teenagers in a local church. He does public speaking and talks about issues concerning the youth and young professionals. An Oleia topical oil user and content contributor.