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Living in an instant society radically changed the way we live. Since we are always on the go, and we are always busy, we like everything to be instant. We want bite sized information and we also like to eat things that can be ready instantaneously. That’s why every household have a steady supply of canned goods ready to be chowed down.

Canned goods can range from fruits, soups, meat and fish. Some of the popular ones are sardines, tuna, meat loafs, and spam.

Reasons why people consume canned goods:

Canned foods are affordable – Because canned goods are massively produced, a can of sardines can easily be bought at a price of P15. Other canned goods like tuna and spam are priced higher but they are relatively cheaper than some cooked meals.

Canned goods are convenient – Asides from a minimal cost, canned good are very convenient. Almost all canned goods are ready to eat, and they are already catered with flavors. Tuna’s can even have certain flavors to it which makes up for the variety that you want when eating.

Canned good do not spoil easily – Some canned good can go as long as 5 years without spoiling. You can use it as an emergency food if there are natural disasters like earthquake, storms and a delayed pay day.

While these may all sound great, and almost too good to be true, there are also health risks that is associated with eating canned goods.

Reasons why people should not consume canned goods:

Canned goods may contain BPA – BPA or Bisphonel – A, is a chemical that is being used in cans so that it prevent metal corrosion and breaking. Ideally this preserves the food inside so that it will not be affected by outside factors that will make it rot. However, since there may be a trace of BPA in some canned goods according to studies that can leak into our food, it can endanger us because it is linked to cause heart disease and cancer.

Canned good contains preservatives – In order for food not to spoil easily, companies add salt and other preservatives to the food inside cans so that they can stay for longer. The problem is too much salt and sodium is not good for the health as it can be a problem for those who have high blood pressure and can trigger inflammations in the body if not regulated.

Canned goods may contain harmful bacteria – While most canned goods are quality tested before distribution, there are still risks of improper handling that can lead us into eating foods that may contain deadly bacteria. If you see that a canned good is already rusting, or leaking – chances are it is already contaminated and you should no longer eat it.

To eat, or not to eat?

This is the question – should we approve, or should we denounce eating canned foods?

The answer is this – while canned goods can be eaten, they should not be our only source of food. While they are still food that are preserved, it is always best to eat what’s fresh.

Paolo is your regular 8 to 5pm work guy who loves to travel and plays sports once in a while to keep up with his work-life balance. He always bring with him his Oleia Topical oil wherever, whenever.