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Doughnuts are a gift from heaven. They are soft, sweet and they are always available everywhere. In fact, you can never see any mall that does not have a doughnut store. They’re so good that just by mentioning it, most of us can feel the crave. But the question is, are they good for you? Or will you go nuts if you eat too much doughnuts?

Health risks associated with eating doughnuts:

Doughnuts carry more calories than any other snacks available – If you’re going to look at the numbers, a small bag of chips will only contain about 250 calories while cookies (a small bag) will carry around 50 – 200. However, a single doughnut will carry around 350 calories! And you know what, don’t trust a person who eats a single doughnut. Because we never do.

Doughnuts contain saturated fats – According to the Hongkong Consumer Council, trans fat contained in doughnuts are much more than chips and even with peanut butter chocolates! And here’s a secret no one would tell you, there’s nothing good about trans fat or saturated fat. They are always deadly and may heighten your risk of getting heart diseases.

Doughnuts contains not just a punch, but a barrage of sweets – Sugar is one of the main ingredients in this sinful delight. According to the American Heart Association, a single doughnut alone will already meet your daily number of needed sugar for the day.

Doughnuts aren’t really healthy after all – While there may be studies associated with us having to eat doughnuts since our body needs sugar at the start of the day, doughnuts aren’t really that much healthy at all. It lacks fiber and other essential nutrients that is what our body needs too.

Healthy alternatives to doughnuts:

If you are craving sweets, here are some of the better alternatives that you can eat instead of doughnutsIf you are craving sweets, here are some of the better alternatives that you can eat instead of doughnuts.

Sliced fruits – simple, easy to prepare and healthy, sliced fruits are the best alternatives for a sweet craving. Asides from the sweetness overload, you can also get more fiber from it and is sure to energize you all throughout the day.

Baked Doughnuts – if you really can’t resist the craving for a doughnut, try to have an alternative by looking or making one at home but instead of frying, make sure it’s baked. Baked doughnuts aren’t really the best option, but it’s far better than the regular ones.

Will doughnuts kill you? No, it won’t and you can still eat it once in a while. However, eating too much of it will cause problems that you don’t want to happen. Balance is the key to healthy living!


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