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To relieve me of body pains, I let my masseuse use OLEIA OIL. It allows a balance of glide and firmness. It feels so great on the skin. Not greasy.
The relief on my body aches and pains was phenomenal. I also use OLEIA OIL on skin irritations and get results fast. – Jesserie Quitoriano, Mountain View , CA USA 

“I am above 50 years old and I love to apply something on my body to relieve aches and pains. OLEIA OIL is cheaper than my former brand and the pain relief is even better. What I like most is that I don’t smell “old.” One time, I got 3 bones dislocated. In just a matter of two days, OLEIA OIL gave me a lot of relief. I just applied it liberally on the part that hurt. OLEIA is the best.” – GIGI VILLANUEVA, Cebu City, Philippines