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“Migraine is a recurrent throbbing headache that typically affects one side of the head.”

You’re concentrating on a work that is due tomorrow.

Everything’s set; a cup of coffee beside you, a fully-charged laptop in front, and a focused mind that’s ultimately ready to do the job.

Then, all of a freakin’ sudden, a severe headache hit you right away without any warning. There you are, from being all-prepped up, suddenly turned into idle real quick. It became hard for you to move and think. After being hit by a severe headache or the so-called ‘migraine,’ it felt like you wanted to punch other people’s face or the girls giggling next to you. Before we comment on the annoying effects of migraine, first, let us dig deeper on what it really means.

Migraine is a recurrent throbbing headache that typically affects one side of the head and is often accompanied by nausea and disturbed vision. This situation inevitably occurs today due the lifestyle of the millennials and even the centennials has been associated more with technology and its continuous advancements. Like, almost every interaction is done online where virtual the world is more attached to us than the person we’re conversing with.

The main cause of migraine

is still largely unknown but there are potential factors that can cause it to trigger. Migraine may be caused by the following factors:

• allergies
• bright lights
• loud noises
• strong smells or odors

Anxiety or depression can also be its root cause. Irregular sleep patterns may also cause the condition to strike. Jet lag and physical exercises are also sited examples. Aside from the preceding inclusions, there were many other factors that may lead to suffering from migraine. Meanwhile, its symptoms can occur a while before, immediately before, during, and after the headache.

Though some migraines aren’t similar, common symptoms include moderate to severe pain, usually confined to one side of the head during an attack, but can occur on either side of the head. When the pain occurs, it is usually throbbing or pulsing. In most cases, the pain increases during physical activity making the person unable to perform tasks properly.

How to address

It is not enough to define the migraine itself to cure it, even pinpointing its causes, symptoms, or treatments won’t ever be sufficient to heal it. If ever you’re in the midst of facing the condition, relaxing yourself in the calmest way possible can be an effective remedy.

Some would recommend that you take medicine, or put the usual liniments you’ve gotten used to. However, here at Oleia, we encourage you to go natural. That is why we’ve created Oleia Topical Oil. Its soothing relief without the health hazards that go with the old liniments and ointments our forefathers (or mothers) have used, as well as the natural ingredients it has like olive oil, moringa oil, and more make it a very good alternative to help alleviate the pains of migraine.

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