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I realized, Neverland isn't a place... but a state of mind.

When I was a kid, I always wanted to be Wendy. To escape for a moment, be with Peter and his fun. But you can never escape from everything, you always need to choose which path you are going to take and walk on. Peter and Captain Hook did not get along well with each other but I have my own battles. In these battles, I became more aware of what I am walking in and out since this is part of growing up.

There have been different paths and various roads. Bumpy, full of challenges where sometimes you need to cry your heart out to lighten the burden and somehow ease the heavy feeling. There will be times that you’ll feel so much pain and stress that they will eat you out. You may have so much fun that could take all these out but at the end of the day, you still can’t have them all. And if ever you have them all, where would you put them?

There’s this book that turned out to be a movie and I quote, “pain demands to be felt”. With this, we all learn from our mistakes, we all need to experience pain. Inevitably as it may seem but pain can be avoided by totally healing it because it’s all in the mind, believe me. Peter decided to stay young and free, as for this, I am Peter’s Wendy, I did grow up; experienced pain, sorrow and joy.

I am just lucky I have a companion with every pain. Growing up and experiencing puberty is hard but with this companion, I surpassed them all with a smile and made me stronger.

Thanks Oleia Topical Oil, especially the chamomile one! Thank you for being there through my younger years.

You’ve been there since I started feeling toothache, headache, muscle cramps and other pains.

I may not have had my own Neverland but I have my own way to never experience pain for a long time. I can carry it with me anytime and anywhere- can now welcome pain and take it away naturally! Mark my words, this is an amazing product. Even captain hook’s croc would have loved this one!

About The Author

To Kris, life is an awfully big adventure so she lives it day by day. For her, we must learn from the past, live with the present and aim for a great future. She is an Oleia user.