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To have and to hold,

For better or for worse,

For richer,

For poorer,

In sickness and in health,

To love and to cherish,

From this day forward

Until death do us part.

Today, I’m going to marry Daniel Padilla, the love of my life. This is the time I’ve been waiting for a long time. I can’t wait for the moment when I’ll be by his side, hold him and be together as one. I admit, this is not love at first sight. I didn’t find him cute the first time I saw him. I even get annoyed because I couldn’t understand why many girls are crazy over him. I even told a friend of mine that he’s not my ideal guy and I will never like him. But since then, He made me eat my own words. Suddenly, I fell in love.

It Must Be Love

I started admiring him when he start developing masculine physique as he grow up. I found him attracting. It was unforgettable for me when I reminisce about the first time I found him cute. It was when I watched his movie, It Must Be Love and ever since that moment, I started liking him. I always follow him. I even came to a point where I follow his fans club to get updated to his every schedule; to where he was up until to;  where will he be on the future days. Ever since, I knew his schedule of mall shows and his taping days.

Every night before I go to sleep, I  stalk him. I always look at his tweets and  his Instagram posts. Until I got to know him personally. And as he got the chance to mingle with his fans, we were able o know him more.

5 years

Let’s just say the rest was history. I’ve been his fan for 5 years and I could say that the more I got the chance to be with him, I always encourage myself that this kind of guy is what I wanted to marry with. I just love everything about him. His personality and features. I love staring at his tender eyes, his pointed nose, and his smile which I love the most. It also makes me smile genuinely.I always imagine myself what does it feels like holding his hands, fingers intertwined. Will my heart beat fast every time he will hug me so tight? I always dream about ending up with him, having future with him and finally, it’s happening. This is every woman’s dream come true, to have a perfect dream wedding to the guy he dreamed of.

I’m both excited and nervous. My wedding dress is perfectly fit to me. I have my light make-up on me which recommended by my cousin so that if I got a chance to cry, it will not ruin my face. I breathe in, breathe out. This is it. I step out of the car. My dad and mom meet me outside. I hold to my dad’s arm as we walk in. Everything’s perfect. I planned everything exactly the way I wanted. I close my eyes before walking the aisle.

Ever since I was a little, I always have an image of myself in a wedding. Every time my mom has a wedding to go, she always wanted me to join. As I see people inside the place, while the bride is walking the aisle and I saw the groom having tears, I can’t help but to think myself in that position. I went to a different location of wedding. Some the beach, some have a garden wedding and some at church. Every place I got through a wedding, I always ask myself, “will be that the kind of wedding I want in my future?” If I choose a beach wedding, where it will be? At the Boracay? Palawan? If I choose a garden wedding, where it will be? At Tagaytay? At Cavite? If I choose to have my wedding at church, where it will be? At Batangas? At Cebu?

When I turned teenager, I found wedding more interesting. I always search for different beautiful weddings at website especially to a celebrities wedding. I admire those wedding like Bianca Gonzales and JC Intal where they got married at Lagen Island Resort in El Nido. Like Chito Miranda and Neri Naig who had a garden wedding at Tagaytay City. My favorite kind of wedding is the wedding of Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano who had a church wedding and held their wedding at Taytay United Methodist Church in Taytay, Rizal.

I opened my eyes. I found myself in front of my study table. I suddenly realized that I’m dreaming again but then my confusion turned into a smile. There so many other destinations for wedding. It will just depend on the motif of the bride and groom.  Some of it held at the mountain top inn or under the sea. It could be a traditional kind of wedding that will be held at the famous or your dream church.

Other places like:

  • Kawayan Cove in Nasugbu, Batangas
  • Ignatius Chapel, Baguio City
  • Hacienda Isabelle in Indang, Cavite
  • Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa, Bohol
  • Balesin Island, Quezon Province
  • Blue Leaf Filipinas, Paranaque City
  • Highlands Golf Club, Tagaytay City
  • Sampaguita Events Place, Quezon City
  • Nuestra Senora Dela Paz Y Buen Viaje, Batangas
  • Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Cubao, Quezon City
You can choose any place you want for your wedding. Just make sure it will fit to your dream wedding and perfect for your special someone just like what I always do. 😉

About The Author

Angela Ruiza is an Oleia user and content contributor.When not busy with work, she just prefers to spend time at home watching her favorite TV series and read books.