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They say that fine arts students are weird. I just shrugged the question off and proceeded on doodling an unknown character from my head.

I was the only art student in the room. People were looking at me from head to toe. They kept on looking at my hair which was colored in pink. People always ask me on how often I bleach my hair. When I said “often,” they were flabbergasted. I don’t know if they were really amused or they were disgusted.

“They say that fine arts students are weird”.

I just shrugged the statement off and proceeded on doodling an unknown character from my head. My seatmate told me if I could sketch the portrait that she showed me; I said “YES”. She told me if I could make it FREE and then I said “NO”. She rolled her eyes and transferred to another seat.

They say that we can’t earn that much money we’re not smart; our career can’t bring us anywhere.




“That’s subjective”, I said, they just laughed at me. I rolled my eyes and left the room while raising my middle finger in the air. Putting my headphones on, I went to the lounge . I looked at my surroundings and contemplate on the things they were saying a while ago. The hall, the chairs, the packaging of my biscuit, my uniform; EVERYTHING! Everything is art.

I smiled and told myself that, we’re not weird, WE’RE UNIQUE. We earn A LOT of money because we can do a lot of things. We’re not dumb, we just excel in our field and YES our career can take us everywhere.

Arts Is Fun

Art school is no fun they say, but for an art student like me, IT REALLY IS FUN. We paint our thoughts, we execute creativity. Company needed us for our concepts, designs and ideas for marketing.  We can sell our painting. We can color our hair not to show rebellion but to express art. We can have as many tattoos as we like and nobody in our field will judge us. We can write if we want to just like on what I am doing right now. We are daring;  We are versatile.

Art school can also be stressful, especially when we needed to meet the deadlines. We often experience backpain and headache; luckily, I stumbled on OLEIA! I was hesitant at first and became hooked. For me, it was made like an art; like a Picasso masterpiece. And art students should not be looked down because without us, the world will become dull and NO FUN!

About The Author

Oleia user. A creative mind out of FEU who executes dreams to masterpieces.