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Any man can father a child but it takes someone extraordinary to be a dad. Being a dad is getting to a point where selflessness and compassion is put first. Learning to care for his children before himself, in my own perspective, is the vital part of being a father.

There’ll be no choosing between being responsible or vice versa because willingness strikes first without hesitation.Why would he hesitate if it’s for the sake of loved ones? But sadly, there are some cases that he would. Nevertheless, a good dad values:


The age gap of a father from his children is usually distant. Occasionally, time spent together is limited. He may be busy working but he’ll always find a way to spend time with the family. He’s there through thick and thin. From your first steps as a toddler, to your very first smile, and the first medal you received in grade school; he will always be intrigued with your puppy love and overreact with your first heartbreak.

Your sincere or even shallow talks are all treasured simply because your voice is his favourite time-out from the world. Often times, it is hard for a man to cautiously listen but when it’s his daughter talking, even the meaning beyond the words are heard and valued. Time flies fast… so he’ll cherish it as if it’ll be his last.


This isn’t about pride in terms of masculinity; not about the number of women she had relationships with. Not by the number of eccentric cars he owns or by the thickness of his wallet. The kind of egoism that I’m pertaining to is when a dad is excited to go home because he will surprise his kids with simple donuts or burger; what satisfies him the most is their reactions.

They don’t need to be expensive at all as long as he sees his child happy will make him feel more than grateful. This is a kind of pride minus the self; a pride that stands because of struggles and accepting the aftermath just to distance his kids from harm. A good dad will take a bullet for his dear child.


Yes, relationships – a connection between a dad and a daughter, a son, or a wife. With this, an unconditional affection is felt. Holding back and giving up is the worst decisions to make. Based on experience, there is no greater mistake a father can commit than abandoning his children. Let me tell you this, no child is worthy of being left behind. That feeling is like embracing yourself in the midst of hardship or lifting yourself up because nobody’s there to do so.

If you have the guts to leave your child, to walk away from responsibility, then where did you leave your balls too? That moment when she needs your motivational advice, you’re so far away enjoying a happy-go-lucky life. When he needs a simple encouragement to man-up, his old man is miles away fulfilling his self-interests.

Society itself almost turns everything chaotic. It shapes our perspective of a “better dad” wherein a better, best, or even a perfect dad exists in us, in our minds, albeit sometimes wishful thinking.

The thing is, no matter how imperfect, irresponsible, or anonymous your dad is, it’s still up to you whether he’s good enough or not. As cliché as a radio station says,kilala mo naman ang papa mo e…”

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An ambivert with an old soul, exceptionally decaffeinator, dreams to travel & witness awesome places around the globe, and aspires to touch co-earthlings’ hearts. She is an avid user of Oleia.