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The way we live today is too tiring that taking a break is a must. Someone once said that if you don’t take a break, you will break. There are different ways we can relax – we can either spend the day sleeping, binge watching, or doing an out of town trip. However, one way that we can get all our stress, tiredness and get our body back into full gear is by having a massage.

Nowadays, massage is not just available in luxury spas but they can be done at home too. And if you think that massages are just there to relax the body, then that’s when you’re wrong. Here are some of the other health benefits of massage that are more than skin deep:

1. It’s a natural way to treat back pain

While it may seem obvious, most of us pop a pill whenever we experience back pain. Often, this back pain is caused by our sedentary lifestyle. Because of the nature of our work, we tend to sit around for long hours and that long hours aren’t good for the back. Getting a massage should do the trick if your back pain is less than 12 weeks. Pain killers while they seem to relieve pain, often has bad side effects that we tend to ignore until it’s too late.


2. You sleep better

Sleeping better is a key element in healthy living. Without much sleep, most of us cannot focus, and our moods get messed up that it affects our entire day. According to a study made by the University of Miami, those people experiencing chronic back pain that got massages twice a week tend to sleep healthier.

3. Anxiety is reduced

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is anxiety about life in general without any obvious reasons. This people are the worry warriors who worry about everything in life even if life is generally good for them. While it may look like an exception, GAD is a serious issue that many of us face. Getting a massage can reduce tension, stress and helps our minds alleviate unwanted stress from the body.


4. Massage keeps you healthy

A study made by the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center showed that those who received regular massages have significant changes in their immune system responses. Participants of this study experienced a boost of lymphocytes that helps fight different types of infection.



5. Blood pressure is lowered

Not only do you feel relaxed but a short massage session can help regulate your blood pressure. A study from Iran showed that women with hypertension experienced a lowered blood pressure which remained low for 72 hours.


6. Massage helps relieve constipation

Another study done by the International Journal of Nursing Studies revealed that those who took laxatives and abdominal massage proved to have less issues with abdominal pain and pooped better than those who took only laxatives.


PRO TIP: Using essentials oils such as Oleia can make your massage experience even better.

Oleia is composed of natural oils that does not only help your body relax, but it also helps relieve pain, fast. Just apply Oleia on the part of the body you’re massaging and you can begin to experience how it’s different from other essential oils.


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