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Filipino Moms are very good in aiding sickness. In fact, as kids, we are relieved when our Mothers are around

We feel like as long as they are there, we have the antidote to anything. I remember there’s this menthol rub that my mom smothered me with. It made me believe that can cure almost anything. It’s menthol and at the same time has a hot sensation that just feels like it’s taking away the pain.


Moms just want the best for their children.

Whether it’s my mom or yours, they believe in almost anything. Whether natural and herbal medicines… they believe that as long as they are highly recommended (the products), and the more beneficial and effective they are.

I’m sure we are all familiar with oils: particularly essential oils. Oleia has different kinds of essential oils where the scents vary from lavender, peppermint, and chamomile. Now listen, I know most of you are already tired of hearing about natural and herbal medicines. Add to the fact that there are “Kwak doctors” around. Can’t blame you — but these beliefs run in the Filipino culture to dating back from our ancestors.

As we grow old we get to explore, understand life more, learn how medicines are processed, and how they affect our minds and bodies.

I’m not saying medicines are not important because they keep us going and heal our bodies. But medicines are both reactive and responsive. If your body responds to the medicine, it’s good. If your body reacts then it isn’t. Now the question is, what advantage does an oil have with multiple scents to choose from? Let’s zone in on Oleia’s very popular topical oil…

Simply put, aside from being really effective,

They all smell good! Oleia’s all natural. And even though the common connotation on natural herbs mean you have to bear with the not so good smell, they’ll prove you wrong. The different ingredients were processed meticulously to a point where each will have vital contributions in soothing pain and inflammation when applied. What you will really love about these at the end of the day, and I want to put emphasis, is how each scent smells really good. They are not disturbing at all.

Use Oleia topical oils.

You will experience relief and at the same time will make you feel like you are wearing perfume. Since Oleia Topical Oils are scented and all natural. Don’t you think they are really good alternatives to the traditional medicines our mothers had us used to taking? Let me know what you think!

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