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“Thanks be to our Lord God Almighty. I am a breast cancer patient. I am blessed to have OLEIA Softgel and OLEIA Topical Oil that help me a lot when I experience severe pain. Now, I share it to my family and friends whenever they feel pain.”  Edith Oblena

“My daughter Mia Ray has suffered mild skin asthma in her face and body. Her pediatrician gave her expensive, branded hypoallergenic cream & body cleanser to treat her skin rashes but still her skin problem keep coming back. When I used OLEIA for Mia’s skin asthma, it easily dries up her skin rashes and after a few days it was totally healed.” Mila R. Tuando

“I conducted a trial study for OLEIA in my clinic for one (1) year involving more than 1000 patients. I observed that patients with acute pain experienced relief within 5 to 15 minutes after topical application of Oleia Oil.” Dr. Chris Baloy

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*OLEIA Topical Oil contains anti-inflammatory Omega-3, Omega-5 & Omega-9 from cetylated fatty acids, olive oil, moringa oil and other premium oils. It deeply penetrates the skin and helps control swelling and pain in as fast as 15 minutes. The fatty acid content and antioxidants of OLEIA Oil help the injured cells to heal and regenerate. Swelling is controlled, pain is relieved in no time.

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